Release date:2016, June 17

Duration:04 h 37 m

Author:Alan Thorn

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Blender: Interior Environments for Games is a project-based course illustrating a complete workflow for building clean, optimized, and reusable environments for game engines like Unity. Aimed at intermediate users of Blender, this course covers scene configuration and preparation, modeling techniques for building realistic environment pieces, effective UV mapping and texturing workflows, and important import and export tips for transferring your final assets into a real-time game engine. Author Alan Thorn also spends a chapter in Unity, where he applies some finishing touches, such as a first-person controller and camera effects.

By the end of this course, you’ll have developed a solid groundwork for quickly and effectively building immersive environments that work well with many contemporary game engines.

Topics include:

Activating the Maya controls

Importing references

Creating a primitive base

Modeling walls, windows, and floors

Creating props like pipes

Unwrapping a UV set

Configuring the brushes and textures

Painting base textures and detail layers

Baking the texture and lighting

Enhancing textures in Photoshop and Unity

Adding finishing touches in Unity
Table of Contents


Welcome 59s

Using the exercise files 1m 1s

1. Planning and Preparation

Activating the Maya controls 3m 31s

Maya controls overview 5m 21s

Configuring user preferences 7m 5s

Importing references 8m 54s

Creating a primitive base 8m 50s

Blocking out the environment 7m 12s

Testing in Unity 5m 44s

2. Modeling

Creating a modeling Ul layout 5m 31s

Configuring a preview camera 8m 29s

Separating walls 5m 45s

Blocking out the window wall 7m 18s

Refining the window wall 6m 23s

Detailing the window 4m 57s

Creating a window ledge 5m 46s

Duplicating the window wall 4m 26s

Merging wall sections 7m 43s

Fixing the floor 5m 34s

Removing N-gons 6m 41s

Sculpting floor detail 6m 34s

Reducing polygons 3m 49s

Creating a pipe prop 5m 53s

Completing the pipe prop 5m 52s

3. Unwrapping

Unwrapping a UV set 8m 36s

Preparing for texture painting 6m 28s

Configuring a painter brush 5m 13s

Loading image textures 6m 16s

Painting a base texture 5m 20s

Saving textures 2m 11s

Layer painting the floor 7m 2s

Configuring layer blending 7m 49s

Painting a detail layer 5m 33s

Baking texture layers 6m 28s

Baking ambient occlusion 8m 16s

Configuring a cycles material 3m 46s

Configuring a cycles sky material 4m 16s

Building scene lighting 7m 20s

Refining the environment material 3m 35s

Baking a composite texture 5m 38s

4. Texture Creation

Texture enhancing in Photoshop 7m 42s

Exporting from Blender to Unity 6m 28s

Unity project creation and asset importing 6m 38s

Creating an environment material 4m 28s

Creating a prop material 2m 41s

Creating a skybox 5m 20s

Adding a first-person controller 3m 11s

Finalizing the project 6m 48s

Conclusion Moving forward 42s

00. Introduction 01 – Welcome 02 – Using the exercise files

01. Planning and Preparation 03 – Activating the Maya controls 04 – Maya controls overview 05 – Configuring user preferences 06 – Importing references 07 – Creating a primitive base 08 – Blocking out the environment 09 – Testing in Unity

02. Modeling 10 – Creating a modeling UI layout 11 – Configuring a preview camera 12 – Separating walls 13 – Blocking out the window wall 14 – Refining the window wall 15 – Detailing the window 16 – Creating a window ledge 17 – Duplicating the window wall 18 – Merging wall sections 19 – Fixing the floor 20 – Removing N-gons 21 – Sculpting floor detail 22 – Reducing polygons 23 – Creating a pipe prop 24 – Completing the pipe prop

03. Unwrapping 25 – Unwrapping a UV set 26 – Preparing for texture painting 27 – Configuring a painter brush 28 – Loading image textures 29 – Painting a base texture 30 – Saving textures 31 – Layer painting the floor 32 – Configuring layer blending 33 – Painting a detail layer 34 – Baking texture layers 35 – Baking ambient occlusion 36 – Configuring a cycles material 37 – Configuring a cycles sky material 38 – Building scene lighting 39 – Refining the environment material 40 – Baking a composite texture

04. Texture Creation 41 – Texture enhancing in Photoshop 42 – Exporting from Blender to Unity 43 – Unity project creation and asset importing 44 – Creating an environment material 45 – Creating a prop material 46 – Creating a skybox 47 – Adding a first-person controller 48 – Finalizing the project

05.Conclusion 49 – Moving forward Ex_Files_Blender_Interior_Environments.7z info.txt

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