Release date:2016, July 15

Duration:04 h 01 m

Author:Darrin Lile

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Learn production techniques for hard-surface modeling a realistic motorcycle in Blender. Author Darrin Lile guides you through the process of creating a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy with proper scale and proportions. These techniques can be used to replicate any other vehicle or man-made machined parts in Blender.

Darrin begins by creating the frame of the motorcycle using curves. He then builds up the motorcycle piece by piece, creating the exhaust pipes, fenders, handlebars, engine components, and brakes. These lessons capitalize on the Path tool and modifiers like Solidify and Booleans. Finally, Darrin uses Blender’s Cycles render engine to create the materials and lighting for the scene, and UV maps the textures to key pieces of the bike. In the end, you will have a greater understanding of Blender’s modeling tools and production processes so that you can create vehicles and other hard-surface projects of your own.

Topics include:

Creating the frame

Converting a path to polygons

Modeling the gas tank, tires, fenders, exhaust, and other parts

Building the engine

Modeling the seats, wheels, and lights

Lighting the scene

Adding materials and texturing

Rendering the motorcycle
Table of Contents


Welcome 48s

What you should know 38s

Using the exercise files 20s

1. Creating the Frame

Importing a background image 3m 47s

Creating a path for the frame 5m 23s

Converting a path to polygons 7m 46s

Finishing the frame 7m 3s

2. Modeling the Accessories

Modeling the gas tank 7m 4s

Modeling the tires 4m 47s

Creating the fenders 8m 1s

Building the fork tubes 10m 39s

Modeling the exhaust pipes 4m 34s

Adding the handlebars 8m 11s

Detailing the handlebars 9m 36s

Modeling the mirrors and turn signals 5m 40s

3. Building the Engine

Building the engine 10m 20s

Creating the heads 12m 14s

Adding rocker covers 13m 10s

Modeling the air filter 8m

Modeling the gear box 7m 47s

Creating the oil tank 6m 6s

Finishing the exhaust pipes and adding tubes 11m 45s

Modeling the transmission cover 8m 16s

4. Modeling the Seats, Wheels, and Lights

Adding the seats 8m 9s

Creating the speedometer 5m 50s

Modeling the rear brackets 8m 29s

Creating the wheels 7m 37s

Adding the lights 9m 11s

Creating the foot rest and switch 6m 22s

Finishing the modeling 4m 8s

5. Lights, Materials, and Rendering

Setting up the lighting 5m 5s

Adding materials to the bike 8m 45s

UV mapping select pieces 5m 4s

Adding textures 7m 50s

Creating the final render 2m 27s

Conclusion Goodbye 54s

00. Introduction 01 – Welcome 02 – What you should know 03 – Using the exercise files

01. Creating the Frame 04 – Importing a background image 05 – Creating a path for the frame 06 – Converting a path to polygons 07 – Finishing the frame

02. Modeling the Accessories 08 – Modeling the gas tank 09 – Modeling the tires 10 – Creating the fenders 11 – Building the fork tubes 12 – Modeling the exhaust pipes 13 – Adding the handlebars 14 – Detailing the handlebars 15 – Modeling the mirrors and turn signals

03. Building the Engine 16 – Building the engine 17 – Creating the heads 18 – Adding rocker covers 19 – Modeling the air filter 20 – Modeling the gear box 21 – Creating the oil tank 22 – Finishing the exhaust pipes and adding tubes 23 – Modeling the transmission cover

04. Modeling the Seats, Wheels, and Lights 24 – Adding the seats 25 – Creating the speedometer 26 – Modeling the rear brackets 27 – Creating the wheels 28 – Adding the lights 29 – Creating the foot rest and switch 30 – Finishing the modeling

05. Lights, Materials, and Rendering 31 – Setting up the lighting 32 – Adding materials to the bike 33 – UV mapping select pieces 34 – Adding textures 35 – Creating the final render

06. Conclusion 36 – Goodbye Ex_Files_Blender_Motorcycle.7z info.txt

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