Release date:2018, July

Duration:00 h 44 m

Author: Autor: David Dolynny Skill Level: Intermediate Released: 2018 Duration: 44m

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

What Will I Learn? This course will teach you how to create a super fun sticky ball game in Unity.


A basic understanding of the C# programming language and the Unity Editor is Recommended, but not Required.


Learn how to make an amazingly fun sticky ball game in Unity!

This short course will take you step by step into making an awesome game that you can show off to your friends and family, or publish for others to play!

We will:

start with a blank Unity project and create a fully working game create your own unique sticky ball, and completely customizable scenes with unique assets write our own C# scripts line-by-line to get user input, control our camera and pickup sticky objects roll onto objects, grow in size and unlock bigger and bigger objects to roll up

Who is the target audience? People who love to play and create videogames should take this course

Table of Contents

Introduction 00:42

Preview 00:42

The Course 43:24

Important Unity Hotkeys 5 questions

Creating the Sticky Ball and Ground 05:33

Making the Camera Script 02:44

Making the Ball Controller 06:58

Making Objects Stick to the Ball 04:43

Importing Custom Sticky Assets 05:12

Setting up Sticky Categories 07:26

Creating your own Custom Level 05:40

Displaying Ball Mass Ul 02:52

Importing Music and a Pickup Sound Effect 02:16

Conclusion 00:44 A Heart Warming Conclusion Video 00:44

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