Release date:2018

Duration:05 h 41 m

Author:Darrin Lile

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

These two courses are where it all comes together. We use everything you’ve learned to this point to create an animated scene of a futuristic mech descending into an underground tomb. You’ll begin from scratch as you model the mech character and the environment of the scene. You will then UV map the 3D objects in the scene and use Blender’s sculpting tools to create the sand and stone textures.

00-Welcome 01-Interface and Navigation 02-Manipulating Objects 03-Edit Mode 04-Modeling with Modifiers 05-Booleans 06-Modeling the Shoulder 07-Modeling the Arm 08-Object Origins and Parenting 09-Modeling the Upper Leg 10-Modeling the Foot 11-The Bridge Tool 12-Mirroring and Applying Transforms 13-Adjusting Proportions 14-Edge Loops and Smoothing 15-Detailing the Leg and Arm 16-Creating Tubes with a Bezier Curve 17-Thrusters and Soles 18-Proportional Editing and Normals 19-The Array Modifier 20-Modeling the Instrument Panel 21-Final Details of the Mech 22-Modeling the Pillars 23-Blocking in the Scene 24-Adding Scene Elements 25-What is UV Mapping 26-UV Mapping Basics 27-UV Mapping the Pillars 28-Testing Our UV Maps 29-UV Mapping the Environment 30-Finishing the Environment UVs 31-Beginning the Mech UVs 32-Finishing the Mech UVs 33-Materials for the Mech 34-Finishing the Materials 35-Sculpting the Floor 36-Sculpting the Coffin and Stairs 37-Sculpting the Ceiling

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