Release date:2018

Duration:05 h 21 m

Author:Darrin Lile

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

In this, the second part of Animation Production, you will prepare the scene for animation. You will rig the mech character and animate it flying into the tomb and landing. We will use Blender’s Smoke and Fire tools to create thruster flames for the mech’s jet pack. And lastly we will light and render the animation, and export it to a Quicktime file.

38-Texturing the Coffin and Stairs 39-Applying Bump Textures 40-Texturing the Pillars 41-Texturing the Ceiling 42-Texturing the Walls 43-Texturing the Mech 44-Preparing the Mech for Rigging 45-Finishing the Prep Work 46-Creating the Armature 47-Adjusting Roll and Mirroring 48-Parenting and IK Legs 49-Creating a Foot Roll Rig 50-Setting Up the Arms and Hands 51-Creating Custom Shapes 52-Finishing the Custom Shapes 53-Creating the Master Control 54-Prepping for Animation 55-Creating the First Keyframes 56-Using the Graph Editor 57-Beginning the Poses 58-Continuing the Poses 59-Drop to the Ground 60-Stick the Landing 61-Looking Around 62-Animating the Light 63-Volumetric Lighting 64-Setting up the Mech Light 65-Finishing the Lighting in the Scene 66-Creating the Jet Flame Effect 67-Preparing to Render the Animation 68-Exporting a Movie File 69-Conclusion

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