Familiarize yourself with creating cinematics in Unreal Engine 5. This 6-hour workshop is designed for everyone from 3D artists and 2D artists to production managers and filmmakers who want to understand how UE5 works in cinematic production. 3D Generalist, Kosuke Iwasaki, covers everything from art theory, the fundamentals of Unreal Engine, best practices when it comes to data management, through to blocking scenes, kitbashing, working with the Material System, working with characters, creating Niagara effects, working with the Sequencer, lighting, and post-processing.

Artists can expect to learn how to create a cinematic shot while gaining a solid understanding of the best practices that professionals use when working in Unreal Engine to get up and running quickly and efficiently. Project files provided with this workshop include “KI Visualizer,” a blueprint to help with checking your composition and values; “KI SimpleBlockingShape,” simple shapes to help artists with the layout and blockout of a scene; and “WinterGirl,” a copyright-free rigged character that was utilized in this workshop.

Title: The Gnomon Workshop – Creating Cinematics in Unreal Engine 5

课程时长:6小时06分钟 1920X1080 mp4 语言:英语+中英文字幕(云桥网络 机译)含课程文件

00 – Preview
01 – Key Elements For Great Images
02 – Unreal Engine Fundamentals – Part 1
03 – Unreal Engine Fundamentals – Part 2
04 – Layout Blocking In Unreal Engine
05 – Megascan Environment
06 – Kitbashing The Main Environment
07 – Material Fundamentals For Beginners
08 – Unreal Material System Basics
09 – Advance Material – Snow & Frost
10 – Sequencer & Character Workflow
11 – Niagara Particle & Cloth In Unreal
12 – Lighting & Post Processing

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