Release date:2018, September 7

Duration:01 h 59 m

Author:David Antanavige

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Sketching is the foundation for every 3D model in SOLIDWORKS. By bolstering your understanding of the suite of settings that deal with sketching in SOLIDWORKS, you can improve your designs and enhance your overall productivity. In this course, learn about the essential tools and functions for sketching in this powerful 3D CAD software. Instructor David Antanavige starts by reviewing basic sketch entities such as circles and splines. He also dives into other key topics such as sketch tools, sketch settings, spline tools, dimensions, and 3D sketching.

Topics include:

Sketch entities

Working with sketch tools

Sketch settings

Using spline tools


3D sketching

Editing in 3D
Table of Contents


Welcome 56s

What you should know 3m 29s

Exercise files 12s

1. Sketch Entities

Lines, rectangles, and the Parallelogram 8m 37s

Slots 5m 10s

Polygons 2m 27s

Circles 2m 1s

Arcs 2m 57s

Ellipse, Parabola, and Conic 4m 1s

Splines 3m 16s Text 4m 53s

2. Sketch Tools

Sketch Fillet and Sketch Chamfer 4m 18s

Offset and Convert Entities 3m 45s

Intersection Curve 2m 5s

Face 2m 35s

Segment 2m 19s

Trim and Extend Entities 3m 19s

Split Entities 1m 24s

Construction geometry 2m 11s

Make Path 2m 22s

Mirror and Dynamic Mirror 3m 3s

Stretch, Move. Rotate, Scale, and Copy 5m 1s

Replace Entity 2m

Patterns 5m 8s

3. Sketch Settings

Automatic Relations 1m 59s

Automatic Solve 1m 43s

Enable Snapping 2m 4s

Shaded Sketch Contours 2m 47s

Detach Segment on Drag 1m 27s

Override Dims on Drag/Move 2m 14s

4. Spline Tools

Controls 1m 23s

Inserting features 1m 34s

Simplify 1m 42s

Converting splines 1m 30s

Fit Spline 1m 57s

Show and hide options 2m 10s

5. Dimensions

Smart Dimension 2m 58s

Horizontal, Vertical, and Ordinate Dimension 3m 44s

Path Length Dimension 1m 32s

Measure tool 1m 19s

6. 3D Sketching

3D sketching 4m 54s

3D sketching on plane 2m 12s

Editing in 3D 2m 16s

Conclusion Next steps 36s

000.Welcome 001.What you should know 002.Lines, rectangles, and the Parallelogram 003.Slots 004.Polygons 005.Circles 006.Arcs 007.Ellipse, Parabola, and Conic 008.Splines 009.Text 010.Sketch Fillet and Sketch Chamfer 011.Offset and Convert Entities 012.Intersection Curve 013.Face 014.Segment 015.Trim and Extend Entities 016.Split Entities 017.Construction geometry 018.Make Path 019.Mirror and Dynamic Mirror 020.Stretch, Move, Rotate, Scale, and Copy 021.Replace Entity 022.Patterns 023.Automatic Relations 024.Automatic Solve 025.Enable Snapping 026.Shaded Sketch Contours 027.Detach Segment on Drag 028.Override Dims on DragMove 029.Controls 030.Inserting features 031.Simplify 032.Converting splines 033.Fit Spline 034.Show and hide options 035.Smart Dimension 036.Horizontal, Vertical, and Ordinate Dimension 037.Path Length Dimension 038.Measure tool 039. 3D sketching 040. 3D sketching on plane 041.Editing in 3D 042.Next steps Info.txt

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