Release date:2018, August 8

Duration:05 h 12 m

Author:Jeremy Graham

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Grasshopper allows designers to perform graphical, component-based algorithmic modeling in Rhino. Python extends this functionality, allowing you to create custom scripts for Grasshopper and perform more complex workflows by working directly with the Rhino API. This course introduces the Python programming language to designers who want to do more with Grasshopper. Learn the basics of Python, including variables, data types, conditionals, and loops, and discover how to import additional libraries to extend Grasshopper. Instructor and computational design expert Jeremy Graham then introduces workflows for lofting, sorting, and baking geometry in Grasshopper—using powerful and fast Python scripts that push the boundaries of this visual programming tool.

Topics include:

Python components

Accessing the Rhino API

Python programming basics

Importing modules and libraries

Grasshopper workflows

Evaluating surfaces

Creating and splitting surfaces

Transforming geometry

Baking geometry from Python into Rhino

Adding text objects

Exporting rendered frames for animation
Table of Contents


Welcome 1m 23s

What you should know 2m 2s

Exercise files 55s

1. Working with Python

Python component basics 8m 50s

What is OOP? 5m 50s

Rhinoscriptsyntax 5m 57s

RhinoCommon 7m 12s

2. Python Basics

Variables 6m 23s

Numbers 7m 36s

Strings 9m 16s

Lists and tuples 9m 25s

Comparing with operators 6m 23s

Making decisions with conditionals 7m 48s

Comparing Booleans 8m 42s

For loop 7m 52s

While loop 8m 43s

Nested loops 5m 38s

Defining custom functions 9m 45s

3. Importing Modules and Libraries

Modules 9m 57s

IronPython and Python 4m 6s

Importing libraries 12m 44s

Grasshopper library 9m 44s

Grasshopper components 7m 49s

Grasshopper Parallel 7m 49s

Creating and saving modules 8m 46s

4. Grasshopper Workflows

Evaluating surfaces 9m 45s

Creating panels 5m 13s

Splitting 11m 35s

Sorting 8m 49s

Attractors 10m 2s

Transforming 11m 49s

Lofting 9m 46s

Analysis 12m 35s

Accessing the Rhino document 2m 33s

Baking form 13m 56s

Adding text 9m 3s

Animating form 14m 29s

Animating renders 8m 22s

Conclusion Next steps 3m 53s

0.Introduction 00_Welcome 01_What_you_should_know 03_Exercise_Files

1.Working with Python 00_Python_Component_Basics 01_What_is_OOP 02_Rhinoscriptsyntax 03_RhinoCommon

2.Python Basics 00_Variables 01_Numbers 02_Strings 03_Lists_and_Tuples 04_Comparing_with_Operators 05_Making_Decisions_with_Conditionals 06_Comparing_Booleans 07_FOR_Loop 08_WHILE_Loop 09_Nested_Loops 10_Defining_Custom_Functions

3.Importing Modules and Libraries 00_Modules 01_IronPython_and_Python 02_Importing_Libraries 03_Grasshopper_Library 04_Grasshopper_Components 05_Grasshopper_Parallel 06_Creating_and_Saving_Modules

4.Grasshopper Workflows 00_Evaluating_Surfaces 01_Creating_Panels 02_Splitting 03_Sorting 04_Attractors 05_Transforming 06_Lofting 07_Analysis 08_Accessing_the_Rhino_Document 09_Baking_Form 10_Adding_Text 11_Animating_Form 12_AnimatingRenders

Conclusion 0_Next_Steps

Ex_Files_Grasshopper_Rhino_Python_Scripting.rar Info.txt

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