Release date:2018

Duration:07 h 19 m

Author:Rohan Dalvi

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

This training covers the process of building a highly detailed sci-fi power module and it’s surrounding environment entirely from scratch in Houdini. To model this scene we shall use a combination of poly modeling, NURBS, VDB and a little bit of VOPS.

This training will also help highlight the advantages of having a procedural system while building complex models and environments. The final chapter will take a look at how to render the scene in Octane Standalone by exporting the scene using Alembic.

The training is broken into 4 parts. You can read the details of each part after the break.

NOTE: This is training does not cover UV mapping and texturing of the scene

part 1 lesson plan:

modeling the basic structure

building the metal frame

making the power block using VDB

modeling the top connector

adding a frame to the power block

building ends for the metal frame

building internal connectors

part 2 lesson plan:

modeling internal cabling

adding additional details to the model

modeling the basics of the centre

adding panels to the centre

adding inner blades for the engine

building the outer module of the engine

finishing the outer module of the engine

part 3 lesson plan:

modeling the engine core

finishing the engine core

building the back of the engine

modeling the front of the power module

building the power pins

sdding cables to the front module

modeling the back fins

modeling the exhaust

building the interior details for the exhaust

part 4 lesson plan

modeling the base armour

starting with the environment. Building the cable box.

modeling the platform

building and simulating the cables

adding the top lighting structure

modeling a chair and a computer

exporting and rendering in Octane Standalone. (chapter will be updated in a few weeks.)

Rohan Dalvi – Hard Surface Modeling in Houdini Part 1 hard surface – chapter1 – basic shape hard surface – chapter2 – metal frame hard surface – chapter3 – power block hard surface – chapter4 – top connector hard surface – chapter5 – power block frame hard surface – chapter6 – frame ends hard surface – chapter7 – cable connectors hard surface – introduction watch first – polybevel update – very important

Hard Surface Part 1

Rohan Dalvi – Hard Surface Modeling in Houdini Part 2 hard surface – introduction watch first – polybevel update – very important hard surface – chapter 8 – cables hard surface – chapter 9 – detailing hard surface – chapter10 – centre basics hard surface – chapter11 – sphere panels hard surface – chapter12 – inner blades hard surface – chapter13A – engine outer hard surface – chapter13B – engine outer_contd

Rohan Dalvi – Hard Surface Modeling in Houdini Part 3 hard surface – chapter14A – engine centre hard surface – chapter14B – engine centre_contd hard surface – chapter15 – engine back hard surface – chapter16A – front basics hard surface – chapter16B – front pins hard surface – chapter16C – front cables hard surface – chapter17 – back fins hard surface – chapter18A – exhaust front hard surface – chapter18B – exhaust contd.

Rohan Dalvi – Hard Surface Modeling in Houdini Part 4 hard surface – chapter19 – base armour hard surface – chapter20 – cable box hard surface – chapter21 – platform hard surface – chapter22 – cables hard surface – chapter23 – top light hard surface – chapter24 – chair and computer hard surface – chapter25 – render hard surface – chapter26 – octane

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