Release date:2018, August 31

Duration:01 h 09 m

Author:Joel Bradley

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Visualizing products before building provides the opportunity to design, iterate, and sell without the cost and commitment of creating a physical object. In this course Joel Bradley shares best practices and techniques for using Unreal Engine to create and manipulate visualization in real time, so creators and companies can collaborate. First, Joel shows how to import your existing geometry into Unreal. Next, demonstrates lighting setup, including how to work with key lights, rim lights, fill lights, and daylight options. Then, he walks though how to adjust lighting options, addressing the smoothness, quality, and resolution. He also covers how to create interactive materials and how to generate cinematic media of the visualization.

Topics include:

Installing Unreal Engine

Importing mesh files and volumes


Adjusting lights

Working with bouncing light

Controlling quality and smoothness

Handing ambient occlusion

Applying the substance

Creating an interactive material blueprint

Making a cinematic of the visualization
Table of Contents


Introduction to Unreal Engine 1m 23s

Install Unreal Engine 1m 57s

1.Importing the Assets

Import the mesh files 3m 12s

Bring in the Substance 2m 37s

2.Setting Up the Lighting

Importance volumes 2m 49s

Post-process 2m 39s

Key light 3m 18s

I Rim light 2m 16s

Fill light 2m 36s

Alternative daylight solution 3m 15s

3. Adjusting the Lightmass Settings

Direct and indirect bounces 2m 20s

Quality and smoothness 3m 8s

Lightmap resolutions 2m 49s

Ambient occlusion 3m 35s

4.Creating the Materials

Metal studio floor 2m 13s

Apply the substance 2m 24s

Interactive material blueprint, part 1 6m 59s

Interactive material blueprint, part 2 3m 26s

Interactive material blueprint, part 3 3m 3s

Set up material reflection capture 2m 7s

5. Building a Cinematic

Create the cameras 2m 23s

Set up a sequence 2m 17s

Create the animation 5m 20s

Conclusion Next steps 55s

1. Introduction

01. Introduction_to_Unreal_Engine 02. Install_Unreal_Engine

2.1. Importing the Assets

03. Import_the_mesh_files 04. Bring_in_the_Substance

3.2. Setting Up the Lighting 05. Importance_volumes 06. Post-process 07. Key_light 08. Rim_light 09. Fill_light 10. Alternative_daylight_solution

4.3. Adjusting the Lightmass Settings 11. Direct_and_indirect_bounces 12. Quality_and_smoothness 13. Lightmap_resolutions 14. Ambient_occlusion

5.4. Creating the Materials 15. Metal_studio_floor 16. Apply_the_substance 17. Interactive_material_blueprint_part_1 18. Interactive_material_blueprint_part_2 19. Interactive_material_blueprint_part_3 20. Set_up_material_reflection_capture

6.5. Building a Cinematic 21. Create_the_cameras 22. Set_up_a_sequence 23. Create_the_animation



AVC, 1280×720, 16:9, 15.000 fps, 38.1 Kbps ~ 107 Kbps

AAC, 48.0 KHz, 64.0 Kbps, 2 channels

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