Release date:2018, August 20

Duration:02 h 59 m

Author:Dermot O Connor

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Are you looking to add something extra to your Animate CC projects? After Effects offers camera motion; special effects such as fractal fog, motion blur, and glow; and 3D environments that you can’t achieve in vector-based programs like Animate alone. This course reviews the Animate to After Effects compositing pipeline, starting with importing Animate scenes into layered AE compositions. Instructor Dermot O’ Connor shows how to control the individual layers and add filters and effects to achieve just the look you want. He covers lighting and tone adjustments as well as atmospheric effects, distortion, and camera animation. Then he shows how to quickly assemble a 3D environment and import your Animate characters into the scene. Finally, Dermot explains how to render your composition and collect the final assets for archival and sharing.

Topics include:

Importing Animate scenes in After Effects comps

Duplicating comps

Nesting comps

Adjusting colors and lighting

Creating masks

Adding special effects: fog, motion blur, distortion, glow, and more

Creating 3D environments

Animating cameras in a 3D scene

Rendering and finalizing the After Effects project
Table of Contents


Supercharge your animation with After Effects 39s

1. Assembling the Scene

Overview of the interface 3m 44s

Exporting from Flash/Animate CC 5m 14s

Importing Animate CC scenes into compositions 6m 3s

Scale, rotation, position, and opacity 12m 14s

Duplicating compositions and controlling layers 6m 7s

Adding audio 1m 10s

2. Filters and Effects Nesting compositions 5m 45s

Adjusting colors and tone 5m 14s

Lightning 7m 18s

Creating masks and feathered edges 5m 48s

Fractal fog and clouds 8m 30s

Motion and depth blur 5m 9s

Depth/Blur maps 5m 35s

Child-parent layers 3m 53s

Distort tool 10m 7s

Camera wiggle 3m 42s

Applying Glow 5m 15s

Applying film grain 4m 8s

3. 3D Scenes

Assembling a 3D environment 12m 9s

Importing characters 10m 45s

Adding lights and shadows 8m 14s

Animating cameras 8m 59s

Depth of field 6m 13s

Puppet tool 13m 46s

4. Final Touches

Updating assets 3m 37s

Editing 4m Rendering 2m 25s

Collecting files 2m 58s

Conclusion Next steps 1m 18s

000 0.Introduction.topic 000.Supercharge your animation with After Effects 001 1.Assembling the Scene.topic 001.Overview of the interface 002.Exporting from FlashAnimate CC 003.Importing Animate CC scenes into compositions 004.Scale, rotation, position, and opacity 005.Duplicating compositions and controlling layers 006.Adding audio 007 2.Filters and Effects.topic 007.Nesting compositions 008.Adjusting colors and tone 009.Lightning 010.Creating masks and feathered edges 011.Fractal fog and clouds 012.Motion and depth blur 013.DepthBlur maps 014.Child-parent layers 015.Distort tool 016.Camera wiggle 017.Applying Glow 018.Applying film grain 019 3.3D Scenes.topic 019.Assembling a 3D environment 01_02_exporting_animation.rar 01_03_importing.rar 01_04_scale_rotate_position.rar 01_05_dupe_comps.rar 01_06_import_audio.rar 020.Importing characters 021.Adding lights and shadows 022.Animating cameras 023.Depth of field 024.Puppet tool 025 4.Final Touches.topic 025.Updating assets 026.Editing 027.Rendering 028.Collecting files 029 5.Conclusion.topic 029.Next steps 02_01_nesting_comps.rar 02_02_adjusting_colors.rar 02_03_lightning.rar 02_04_masks_feathers.rar 02_05_fog_clouds.rar 02_06_depth_blurs.rar 02_07_depth_maps.rar 02_08_child_parent.rar 02_09_distort.rar 02_10_wiggle.rar 02_11_glow.rar 02_12_grain.rar 03_01_3D_scene.rar 03_02_3D_characters.rar 03_02_import_characters.rar 03_03_lights.rar 03_04_cameras.rar 03_05_depth_of_field.rar 03_06_puppet.rar 04_01_updating_assets.rar 04_02_editing.rar 04_03_rendering.rar 04_04_collect.rar INFO.txt

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