Release date:2015, March 11

Duration:00 h 57 m

Author:John McWade

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

You don’t need to be an artist or designer to create an excellent logo. The best ones are simple—often just a word or a shape. However, the opposite is also true. Logos can be difficult precisely because it’s so easy to overthink them. John McWade approaches logo design from a different perspective. He speaks to designers and nondesigners alike, offering tips and tricks to create simple, beautiful logos that get the message across with a minimum of fuss. After all, the most iconic logos—think Apple, Nike, and Disney—are some of the simplest. Follow along and learn how to apply the principles of these master brands to your own logo design.

Table of Contents


Welcome 52s

1. Introduction to Logo Design

What is a logo? 3m 12s

What makes a good logo? 3m 25s

2. Logo Tips and Tricks

How not to design a logo 3m 51s

The real Apple 2m 10s

Keep it simple 9m 58s

Try repeating elements 57s

Don’t mix styles 1m 48s

It doesn’t have to be unique 1m 41s

It doesn’t need an obvious connection 4m 8s

Don’t be swayed by showy typefaces 1m 56s

Keep name and mark separate 4m 29s

Be consistent 2m 37s

A few trouble spots 5m 28s

Think beyond the logo ‘ 8m 42s

Closing Next steps and thank you 2m 2s

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