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如果你有三维设计,你想从3ds Max和互动,你可能已经探索使用虚幻引擎。在本课程中,布莱恩·布拉德利向您展示了一些潜在的工作流,以尽可能干净和简单的方式将资产从3ds Max转移到虚幻中,包括您在此过程中可能遇到的一些潜在问题和陷阱。Brian首先介绍了在3ds Max中应该采取的步骤,以便以快速简单的方式准备好要导出的场景。然后,他开始研究如何解决生产过程中不同阶段可能出现的一些常见问题。完成本课程后,您将能够更好地顺利转移您的资产,花更少的时间移动您的文件,花更多的时间在虚幻中工作。

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3ds Max to Unreal Engine Workflow and Troubleshooting
If you have 3D designs that you want to take from 3ds Max and make interactive, you’ve probably already explored using Unreal Engine. In this course, Brian Bradley shows you some potential workflows for transferring assets from 3ds Max into Unreal in as clean and easy a manner as possible, including some of the potential problems and pitfalls that you can run into along the way. Brian first covers the steps you should take in 3ds Max to get your scenes ready for export in a quick and straightforward manner. Then, he gets into how to fix some of the common problems that might arise at different points along the production process. After this course, you’ll be better equipped to transfer your assets smoothly and spend less time moving your files around and more time working in Unreal.

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