Unreal Engine虚幻游戏引擎素材资源 Unreal Engine Marketplace –Realistic Grass 1写实草1
纹理尺寸:2048 x 2048
兼容平台-Windows、Mac、Xbox one、PS4、Xbox 360、PS3、IOS、Android
测试平台-Windows、Mac、Xbox One、PS4、Xbox 360、PS3、IOS、Android

36 Photorealistic grass meshes designed to make environments look alive and natural, each meshes includes 3 LOD meshes and materials to make them as optimised as possible. They also include adjustable wind strength, color variation and snow effect this helps to make the grass look more natural in all environments, as well as featuring character interaction this allows your players and vehicles the appearance of moving through the grass this effect is fully adjustable. This pack contains 30 small grass patches to allow for more randomisation when using the foliage tool, and 6 larger patches of grass to help block out areas faster and with more density. Desktop and mobile versions of all the grass meshes and materials, so you can use them on all platforms!

Meshes: 18

Textures: 9

Materials: 3

Material Instances: 9

Texture Sizes: 2048 x 2048

Compatible Platforms – Windows, Mac, Xbox one, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, IOS, Android

Platforms Tested On – Windows, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, IOS, Android

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