Chameleon is an advanced Post Processing Blueprint actor for Unreal Engine 4 with 74 customizable and combineable effects.
Current version: 12.0 – Demo hall included.

New effects in this update:
New effect: Gradient Fog
New effect: Speed Lines
New effect: Cyber Scan
New effect: Dither

Learn more:
Download playable demo hall (Win64)
Showcase video (Chameleon 10.0)
Effect preview videos
Forum (Support and questions)
Online documentation (Beta)
Comes with LOOK! Color Grading Pack

Chameleon is an advanced Post Processing blueprint actor for Unreal Engine 4. It has 74 different (and combinable) post process effects with customizable parameters and planned to be updated constantly with new effects.
Number of Materials : 75
Number of Blueprints : 1
Number of Material Functions : 7
Number of Textures : 200
Number of Enumerations : 4
Number of Data Tables : 1
Number of Structures : 3
Package Size: ~320.0 MB

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