Release date:2018, May 30

Duration:01 h 37 m

Author:Simon Manning

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Revit, 3ds Max, and Unreal are major players in the architecture, visualization, and virtual reality worlds. These technologies allow you to immerse yourself in designs—before you ever build them. Find out how to make these tools play well together to bring your own models to life. Instructor Simon Manning shows how to prepare your Revit projects for export, import them in Unreal, and use the Datasmith Product Viewer template to leverage prebuilt interactive elements such as furniture and lights. Then find out how to create and apply custom materials and adjust the lighting of your model. Simon also shows how to add interactions with Blueprint scripting and package your visualizations for display on VR headsets or mobile devices. Using these tutorials, you can polish your Revit models into interactive presentations that you can’t wait to share with clients.

Topics include:

Preparing your Revit model for export

Using Unreal Datasmith Product Viewer Tools

Creating Unreal materials

Swapping out materials

Lighting your models

Adding interactions

Packaging content for distribution on VR and mobile devices
Table of Contents


Welcome 46s

What to know 1m 36s

Exercise files 26s

1. Revit Export

Prepare your Revit model for export 2m 46s

3ds Max Datasmith export 3m 8s

Unreal Datasmith import 3m 58s

2. Unreal Datasmith

Datasmith Product Viewer 4m 36s

Limitations and workarounds 8m 36s

3. Materials

Introduction to Unreal materials 3m 17s

Create a custom material 2m 50s

Swap out materials in your model 2m 30s

Material instances 5m 17s

4. Lighting

Introduction to Unreal lighting 20s

Types of lights 2m 54s

Lightmaps and UVs 3m 29s

Add in the sky 1m 59s

Post-processing 2m 28s

5. Adding Interactions

Introduction to Blueprint visual scripting 32s

Blueprint components 6m 34s

Adding basic logic 9m 16s

Level Blueprint 8m 37s

Interactive material 9m 35s

6. Building for Distribution

Cooking content for the OS 18s

Build and run 4m 30s

Considerations for VR 6m 51s

Conclusion Next steps 20s

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