Release date:2018, May 31

Duration:01 h 51 m

Author:Scott Pagano

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Learn how to use Blueprints, the visual scripting language for Unreal visualization projects. This course provides a solid foundation for understanding how to build in Unreal with Blueprints. Instructor Scott Pagano explores the fundamental concepts of Blueprints and builds up to creating functional Blueprint-based assets. He also covers the programming fundamentals of variables and events, shows how to flow data between different Blueprints for modular scalable system building, discusses animation Blueprints, and more.

Topics include:

How the Blueprint editor works

Working with variables

Creating custom events

Setting variables between Blueprints

Animating objects and material in Blueprints

Using keyboard and game controller input in Blueprints

Creating an animation Blueprint
Table of Contents


Welcome 1m 14s

What to know 1m 4s

Exercise files 31s

1. Blueprint Basics

Create Blueprint 1m 42s

Create Blueprint from actor 2m 34s

Blueprint editor overview 6m 17s

Components window 3m 45s

Functions 3m 21s

Macros 2m 15s

Print data to screen 2m 45s

2. Blueprint Variables and Events

Working with variables 2m 27s

Variables Get and Set 4m 55s

Create random streams 7m 27s

Creating custom events 2m 37s

Custom events between Blueprints 6m 8s

Sending data to materials 4m 1s

Database hub communication 6m 17s

Get and set variables between Blueprints 5m 7s

3. Blueprint Asset Building

Create Blueprint with assets 1m 46s

Animate objects in Blueprint 5m 37s

Animate material with Blueprint 5m 16s

4. Controllers and Triggers

Keyboard and game controller input 6m 54s

Game controller navigation, part 1 3m 48s

Game controller navigation, part 2 3m 39s

Game controller navigation, part 3 4m 33s

5. Animation Blueprints

Trigger box setup 1 4m 32s

Create animation Blueprint 3m 3s

Create state machine 2m 25s

Animation Blueprint event graph 1 4m 28s

Conclusion Next steps 1m 7s

001 Welcome 002 What to know 003 Exercise files 004 Create Blueprint 005 Create Blueprint from actor 006 Blueprint editor overview 007 Components window 008 Functions 009 Macros 010 Print data to screen 011 Working with variables 012 Variables Get and Set 013 Create random streams 014 Creating custom events 015 Custom events between Blueprints 016 Sending data to materials 017 Database hub communication 018 Get and set variables between Blueprints 019 Create Blueprint with assets 020 Animate objects in Blueprint 021 Animate material with Blueprint 022 Keyboard and game controller input 023 Game controller navigation, part 1 024 Game controller navigation, part 2 025 Game controller navigation, part 3 026 Trigger box setup 027 Create animation Blueprint 028 Create state machine 029 Animation Blueprint event graph 030 Next steps

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