Release date:2016, November

Duration:06 h 09 m

Author:Gary Ajene

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

What Will I Learn? At the end of my course you will be able to use photoshop effectively and create awesome T-shirt designs

Requirements You will need a computer and the Adobe Photoshop software

Description This is an awesome Photoshop course that teaches you how to use this program from complete beginner to actually designing T-shirts. Even if you’ve never touched Photoshop in your life. I can teach how to deign T-shirts like a pro. Not only will you learn Photoshop but you’ll learn how to design T-shirts at the exact same time. I have also added a few tips & tricks that I learned over the years. This course is like no other course on the internet. You have absolutely nothing to loose except “sucking” and photoshop. Join me now and let me take you to the T-shirt promised land. See you inside!!!

Who is the target audience?

If you have a burning desire to learn Photoshop as well as learn how it can be used to create great t-shirt designs.

This course is not for editing or filmmaking
Table of Contents

Introduction 08:09

Pixel vs. Vector 05:50

Going Under The Hood Talking Head 00:24

Going Under The Hood…Overview of Photoshop 08:19

The Selection Tools Talking Head 00:54

Selection Tools 12:02

Spot Healing Tool 13:03

Layers Talking Head 01:04

Working With Layers 12:24

Adjustment Masks 20:28

Moving & Cropping 08:42

Eye Dropper Tool 07:49

Opening & Saving Document 14:42

Brushes Talking Head 01:08

The Brush Tool 19:13

Brightness & Contrast 12:01

Curves & Exposure 12:39

Vibrance, Hue & Saturation 12:57

Black & White 07:42

Content Aware & Modify Tools 09:00

Content Aware & Modify Tools part 2 08:08

Eraser & Liquify tools Talking Head 01:12

Eraser & Liquify tools 10:20

The refine Edge Tool Talking Head 00:53

Working with hair..The Refine Edge tool 10:00

Using Filters Talking Head 00:36

Working with Filters 11:59

Making Shapes, Patterns & Paths 08:40

Making Shapes, Patterns & Paths part 2 09:50

Making Shapes, Patterns & Paths part 3 15:34

Rasterizing Layers 04:39

33 Making Fantastic Graphics (FIN) 06:04

Working With Text Talking Head 00:45

Working with Texts 08:46

Working with Texts part 2 11:36

Masking & Text 17:14

Drawing Painting In Photoshop Talking Head 02:02

Drawing a painting..Working with Drawing Tablet 13:12

Drawing a painting..Working with Drawing Tablet part 2 09:32

Creating A T-shirt With What You Have Learned Talking Head 00:35

Creating A T-shirt With What You Have Learned 10:47

Creating A T-shirt With What You Have Learned part 2 18:28

001 Course Overview 002 Get 7-Days Free Trial Of Adobe Photoshop CC 003 Introduction Create Document 004 Add Text Lines Re-positioning Them 005 Creating Text That Follows A Specific Path 006 How To Create Different Shapes 007 How To Import Image And Colorize Them 008 Final Touches To Finish This T-shirt Design Sansita-ExtraBoldItalic-Font.otf.rar 009 Introduction Create Document 010 Add Artistic Cutout Effect In Image 010 Cat-Image.jpg 011 Add Text And Customize Them 012 DP-Brushes.rar 012 Finishing Touch Of This T-Shirt Design 013 Introduction 014 Creating Setting Up A Document To Start T-shirt Design 015 Import And Add Sketch Effect In Our Image 016 How To Turn A Image In Pure Black And White Sketch 017 How To Add Color In Black White Sketch 018 Finish T-shirt Design – Remove Background Use Grunge Brush As A Background 018 Grunge-VectorLine-Brushset.rar 019 Introduction 020 Add Multiple Lines Of Text Then Resize Re-position Them 020 DOWNCOME-Font.rar 021 Create A Distorted Effect In Our Imported Image 021 Grunge-VectorLine-Brushset.rar 022 How To Create A Cut-Out In An Image 023 Final Touches To Finish This T-shirt Design 024 Introduction Create Document 025 Add Text Rectangular And Re-positioning Them 025 Athletic-Font.rar 026 Finishing Touches Of This T-Shirt Design 027 Introduction Create Document 028 Import Image And Remove Background 029 Add Text And Finish The Design 029 American-Captain.ttf.rar 030 Introduction Create Document 031 Start Designing Of Eye Records T-shirt 032 Add Text Draw Eye Shape And Finish The Design 033 Introduction Create Document 034 Search Add Wolf Graphic In Document 034 wolf.eps.rar 035 Add Circular Text In Our Design 036 Add Shapes Export The Design 037 T-Shirt Design Within 1 minute – Awesome Tricks 038 Create Text With Rich And Detailed Background 039 Create Silhouette Out Of Any Imported Photo Add Color On It 040 Create Silhouette Cutout Using Any Image As A Background 041 3 Websites Where You Get Unlimited Royalty FREE Images 042 Get Thousands Of FREE Icons 043 Get Thousands Of FREE Fonts 044 Generate Unlimited T-shirt Design Ideas 045 The End Of Bestselling T-shirt Design Course BONUS.rar

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