Release date:2018, July

Duration:04 h 09 m

Author: Kevin Volo

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

What Will I Learn?

Choose the right 3D printer for your needs

Understand how a 3D printer works

Use “slicing” software to create great 3d Prints

Create great 3D prints

Finish and paint your 3D prints and make them look awesome

Resources to awesome free 3D files for your 3D printer


Interest in 3D printing. A 3D printer is not required

You can take this class even if your don’t have 3D printer

Description 3D printing is magical! You take a file, or create your own, send it to your printer and after some time you have an actual solid object. It reminds me of something from the Jetsons. In this course you will learn all stages of 3D printing, from its history, ways to get the best print, using slicers and even finishing your prints.

Yes, 3D printing is magical, but there is also a lot of technical parts to the process, and this course will help you navigate the challenges 3D printer enthusiasts encounter when they start out. This was a fun class to create and I hope you enjoy it and learn how to make great prints!

Who is the target audience?

Anyone interested in learning about 3D printing

Artists, designers or Makers who are interesting in learning new techniques in 3d Printing

Cosplay makers and hobbyists interested in 3d Printing
Table of Contents

Introduction 01:23

3D Printer Course Introduction 01:23

3D Printing Overview 33:55

What is 3D Printing? 10:12

History of 3D Printing? 06:14

Parts of a 3D Printer? 17:29

Types of Filament 16:53

3D Printer Filament 16:53

Getting Your File Ready to Print 09:41

What is Slicing for your 3D printer? 06:49

What is .gcode for your 3D printer? 02:52

Slicer Settings 20:18

3D Printer – Layer Height 02:33

3D Printer – Rafts, Skirts and Brims 04:40

3D Printer – Infill Density 03:59

3D Printer – Supports Structures 02:33

3D Printer – Perimeter/Shell Thickness 02:22

3D Printer – Retraction 03:04

3D Printer – Print Speed 01:07

Simplify3D for 3D Printing 01:34:19

Simplify3D Account 02:14

Setting Your Preferences 03:37

Adding Your 3D Printer to Simplify3D 01:59

Using the Interface 08:54

Importing a Model 04:42

Manipulating a File on Printer Bed 18:01

Importing and Understanding Profiles 04:14

Advanced Process Settings 13:33

Multiple Processeses 05:39

Variable Processes for a Single Model 06:23

Adding and Modifying Supports 08:34

More on Adding Supports 09:26

Mirroring a Model 03:57

Selecting and Grouping Models 03:06

Printing Your Design 06:54

Leveling Your 3D Printer Bed 02:50

Bed Adhesion for Your 3D Printer 01:13

Changing Filament Mid Print on your 3D printer 01:51

Removing Your Print Off the 3D Printer Bed 01:00

Finishing Your 3D Prints 45:34

Sanding Your 3D Prints 02:54

Sanding Demo 02:54

Priming and Filling Voids in Your 3D Prints 03:11

Priming and Filling Demo 03:11

Painting Your 3D Prints 08:05

Painting Demo 08:05

Finishing Your 3D Prints with Polymers 02:33

Polymer Demo 02:33

Weathering Your 3D Prints 06:04

Weathering Demo 06:04

3D Printing Resources 03:06

3D File Sites & Search Engines 02:47

Great Youtube Channels on 3D Printing 00:19

Bonus Section 17:29

Split Up Your Models in Meshmixer 17:25

3D Printers, Tools and Supply Resource 00:04

01. Introduction 1. Introduction

02. 3D Printing Overview 1. What is 3D Printing 2. History of 3D Printing 3. Parts of a 3D Printer

03. Types of Filament 1. 3D Printer Filament

04. Getting Your File Ready to Print

1. What is Slicing 2. What is .gcode

05. Slicer Settings 1. Layer Height 2. Rafts, Skirts and Brims 3. Infill Density 4. Supports Structures 5. PerimeterShell Thickness 6. Retraction 7. Print Speed

06. Simplify3D 01. Simplify3D Account 02. Setting Your Preferences 03. Adding Your 3D Printer to Simplify3D 04. Using the Interface 05. Importing a Model 06. Manipulating a File on Printer Bed 07. Importing and Understanding Profiles 08. Advanced Process Settings 09. Multiple Processeses 10. Variable Processes for a Single Model 12. More on Adding Supports 13. Mirroring a Model 14. Selecting and Grouping Models

07. Printing Your Design 1. Leveling the Printer Bed 2. Bed Adhesion 3. Changing Filament Mid Print 4. Removing Your Print Off the Print Bed

08. Finishing Your Prints 01. Sanding Your Prints 02. Sanding Demo 03. Priming and Filling Voids in Your Prints 04. Priming and Filling Demo 05. Painting Your Prints 06. Painting Demo 07. Finishing Your Print Polymers 08. Polymer Demo 09. Weathering Your Prints 09. Weathering Your Prints.vtt 10. Weathering Demo 10. Weathering Demo.vtt


10. Bonus Section 1. Split Up Your Models in Meshmixer 1. Split Up Your Models in Meshmixer.vtt 2. 3D Printers, Tools and Supply

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