Release date:2018

Duration:03 h 30 m


Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

What is this?

Well, this is the first course from the Odd Spirits of Z project, which is a series of fast-paced courses focusing on a specific skill or a ZBrush feature.

The focus of this course is the creation of Clothes in ZBrush for a fantasy character. Throughout the video lessons, I’ll share with you: workflows, a bit of theory, sculpting techniques and more than a few modeling tips and tricks to create folds, wrinkles, drapery and in general, to help you understand the behaviour of different fabrics so that you can confidently sculpt clothes for your own characters.

Why this course? This course is focusing only on the creation and sculpting of the clothes for the character, so we’ll take a base mesh as a starting point and fully concentrate on the clothes. With this course, you’ll learn… …a simple approach to understand the behaviour of clothes and types of folds …how to identify the placement of different folds on different materials and fabrics. …different methods to produce base meshes for the construction of cloth. …multiple ways to address the modeling, sculpting and detailing of fabrics. …to make custom brushes for specific purposes like texture details, VDMs and Nanomesh …to work with the custom resources provided with this course to speed up the workflows …to utilize a variety of ZBrush features to add intricate details to the clothes.

What’s in the course? The course is packed with 3.5 hours of content spread across 25 videos and it has a simple 4 part structure: Theory, blocking, sculpting and detailing. The full HD videos can be downloaded or streamed from the same link and the accompanying files* include every step of the process as a separate ZTool. There is an additional video showing a timelapse of the creation of the base mesh. A short Quick Start Guide in PDF format is also included. *All files created with ZBrush 2018.1

What else is included? The course also comes with two folders: The exercise files folder and a Resource folder. In the resources you’ll get 11 custom sculpting brushes* (including ‘double action brushes’), 50 tileable alphas and 36 ‘masking alphas’ to help you in the construction and detailing of clothes. *All brushes created with ZBrush 2018.1

01_-_Intro 02_-_Exercise_Files 03_-_Essential_Concepts 04_-_Fold_Types 05_-_Workflow_And_Thinking_Approach 06_-_Lower_Body_Blocking 07_-_Upper_Body_Blocking 08_-_Refining_Shapes 09_-_Marking_The_Tension_Points_&_Drapery 10_-_Sculpting_Clothes_-_The_Poncho 11_-_Sculpting_Clothes_-_The_Cape 12_-_Sculpting_Clothes_-_Front_And_Back_Gown 13_-_Sculpting_Clothes_-_Leather_Plates 14_-_Sculpting_Clothes_-_Baggy_Pants 15_-_Sculpting_Clothes_-_The_Arms_Bands 16_-_Sculpting_Clothes_-_Leg_Wraps_And_Scarf 17_-_Sculpting_Clothes_-_The_Bulky_Scarf 18_-_Detailing_-_The_Poncho 19_-_Detailing_-_The_Cape 20_-_Detailing_-_Front_And_Back_Gown 21_-_Detailing_-_Leather_Plates 22_-_Detailing_-_Baggy_Pants 23_-_Detailing_-_The_Arm_Bands 24_-_Detailing_-_Leg_Wraps_And_Scarf 25_-_Course_Wrap_Up Bonus_Material_-_Building_The_Base_Mesh License_Terms.pdf OSOZ_Clothes&Drapery_QSG.pdf Resources.7z ZBrush Clothes And Drapery Course.7z

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