Release date:2017, April 6

Duration:08 h 30 m

Author:EJ Hassenfratz

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Transform shapes, icons, and text into compelling motion graphics. This weekly series demonstrates techniques you can use to take your animation skills to the next level. Join mograph artist EJ Hassenfratz as he shows you tips and tricks you can use while leveraging the powerful features in Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects.

000 Welcome 001 Cel shading without Sketch and Toon 002 Create balloon text 003 Spline projection techniques 004 Pop popcorn using Emitter and Dynamics 005 Squash and stretch to add character 006 Create an Isometric 3D composition 007 Use Mosplines to write script text 008 Mouth animation with Spline Shader 009 GIF creation in Photoshop 010 Tips for compositing 2D style 3D artwork 011 Add noise via Ambient Occlusion 012 Create vinyl toy textures in Cinema 4D 013 Use 3D Linear Gradients in Cinema 4D 014 3D topographic maps in Cinema 4D 015 Jiggle deformer for secondary animation 016 Create pixel art 017 Spline shader for splines as material 018 Looping flag with cloth dynamics 019 Chisel text using the Loft object 020 Inverse Ambient Occlusion wax textures 021 Create hexagon grid patterns 022 Plexus-style atom arrays 023 Stylized ribbons with the spot shader 024 Create a folding fan with the spot shader 025 Procedural marble textures in Cinema 4D 026 Tips for comping 3D objects into footage 027 Correction deformer polygon selections 028 Create HUD elements in Cinema 4D 029 Painted textures with Cinema 4D Art Shader 030 Lighting with an HDRI 031 Apply grain noise texture in After Effects 032 3D sports logo in After Effects 033 3D sports logo in Cinema 4D Lite 034 Cinema 4D dynamics for 2D animation 035 Cinema 4D Picture Viewer tips 036 Mouth animation in Cinema 4D 037 Rubber hose character in Cinema 4D 038 Dynamic gears in Cinema 4D 039 Get started with IK rigging 040 Intro to IK dynamics 041 Cel-shaded 3D objects 042 Stylized 2D grain textures 043 Morph between shapes 044 Effortless bouncing text 045 Trigger dynamics 046 Retime animations with Time Tracks 047 2D wood textures in Cinema 4D 048 Cartoon eye rigs in Cinema 4D 049 Speed up soft-body simulations 050 Shatter objects with Voronoi Fracture 051 Cineware tips to improve your workflow 052 Blowing bubbles in Cinema 4D 053 Disco text in Cinema 4D 054 Cartoon lip sync workflows for Cinema 4D 055 Pattern design with the C4D Hatch Shader 056 Sweep rail splines in Cinema 4D 057 Tips for working with audio in Cinema 4D 058 Soft-body cloth simulations in Cinema 4D 059 Apply random colors with the Variation shader 060 Cartoon liquid in Cinema 4D 061 Real-time animation in Cinema 4D 062 Voxel art in Cinema 4D 063 Three-point lighting setup 064 Create gobo lights in Cinema 4D 065 Use XRefs in Cinema 4D Ex_Files zip

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