Release date:2018

Duration:01 h 19 m

Author:Teela Cunningham

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

If you love lettering and you’re on Instagram, there’s a high probability you’ve seen more and more lettering created on an iPad lately. With the Apple Pencil becoming available, accurate stylus-to-digital lettering has never been more achievable and accessible. iPad drawing programs like Adobe Sketch and Procreate make for a dream environment where every brush or writing utensil is at your disposal. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

If you’re just getting started with iPad lettering and feeling a little intimidated, or you’re considering it, but still sitting on the fence, this class covers all of the basics to get you started and equip you with the knowledge needed to tackle digital lettering on your terms. This class is perfect if you don’t have an ipad yet and are curious to see if the investment is right for you!

Bonus lettering guides and a free metallic texture are included with your enrollment in the class so you can get started immediately!

Table of Contents

Class Trailer 1:38

The Tools 2:06

Adobe Sketch Overview 5:30

Adobe Draw Overview 2:54

Procreate Interface 9:15

Using Lettering Guides on an iPad 6:33

Subtractive Lettering 3:33

Additive Lettering 5:30

Bonus: Customizing Brushes 5:04

Hello: Watercolor + Metallic Texture Mixing 6:25

Dreamy: Dimensional Lettering with 2 Textures 6:38

Perfect Circle Laurels 6:33

Mirror Sided Laurels 6:36

Powder Lettering 8:22

Exporting Artwork + Farewell 2:51

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