This is the perfect Cinema 4D modelling course for beginners and those more familiar with C4D alike. We’ll take you through the modelling of every element in this isometric room, teach you how to add colour, texture and lighting, and guide you through the final render in Octane.
Welcome to your Isometric Room in C4D and Octane
We’ll start with an introduction to C4D, walking through the workspace and familiarising you with the basics, then explore several different modelling techniques to make 15 unique objects and provide you with the knowledge to create infinite more 3D models. Finally you’ll learn how to add lighting, colour and texture to your Isometric Room and render it in Octane.

You’ll be provided with the C4D file to refer back to if ever you get stuck, sketches references for these and more objects, the HDRI and all the textures used in this project.
Introduction to Cinema 4D
If you’re new to Cinema 4D, this is the section for you. Here we’ll teach you the basics of the programme so you’re confident to start creating.

If you’re already familiar with the programme and are ready to get onto the modelling, feel free to skip this section and jump into ‘Creating your Isometric Room’

课程时长:4.5小时 1920X1080 mp4 语言:英语+中英文字幕(云桥网络 机译)含课程文件

00 Intro
Lesson 01 the workspace
Lesson 02 Modifying Objects
Lesson 03 Creating Custom Geometry
Lesson 04 Working with splines
Lesson 05 Subdivision surface
Lesson 06 Building the structure
Lesson 07 Bookshelf
Lesson 08 Desk
Lesson 09 Computer
Lesson 10 Plant Pots
Lesson 11 shelves
Lesson 12 Headphones
Lesson 13 Lava Lamp
Lesson 14 Books
Lesson 15 Posters
Lesson 16 Bed
Lesson 17 Chair
Lesson 18 Window
Lesson 19 Bedside Table
Lesson 20 Lighting part 1
Lesson 21 colour and texture part 1
Lesson 22 colour and texture part 2
Lesson 23 Final Export

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