Release date:2018, September 14

Duration:00 h 44 m

Author:Dermot O Connor

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Build more natural, flexible characters with these 2D animation tips from Dermot O’ Connor, an animator for Don Bluth and the Disney company. This short, focused course gathers Dermot’s best tips for loosening up animation, including techniques such as reversal, overlap, and follow-though. Plus, learn how to drag body parts and move them on different timing patterns to escape the limited look of TV animation.

Table of Contents


How to loosen up your 2D animations 28s

1. Loosening Animation Principles

Loosen the joints 2m 30s

Loosen the body 6m 1s

Loosen to twin or not to twin 6m 6s

Loosen head articulation 5m 14s

Loosen torque 2m 54s

Loosen with a reversal 4m 16s

Loosen opposing action 4m 16s

Loosen overlap and follow thru 5m 52s

Loosen leading actions 6m 32s

Conclusion What’s next? 41s

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