Release date:2017, July 12

Duration:01 h 29 m

Author:Ryan Kittleson

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

ZBrush 4R8 adds several powerful new features that make the process of creating digital art faster than ever. Gizmo 3D provides new ways to move, rotate, and scale models. The enhanced ZModeler brush gives you greater freedom for polygonal modeling, including extremely low-res modeling. Live Boolean mode lets you add, subtract, and overlay objects in real time, while some of the smaller new features—straight line strokes, inverse masks, and the vector displacement map brush—make drawing and sculpting in ZBrush even better. Watch this course to learn the basics of how the new features work and get professional results with them every time.

Topics include:

Creating primitives and deforming meshes with Gizmo 3D

Creating vector displacement maps

Creasing edges with ZModeler

Generating Booleaned results with Live Boolean mode

Drawing straight strokes in ZBrush 4R8

Creating text in ZBrush 4R8
Table of Contents


Introduction 47s

What you should know before watching this course 1m 14s

1. Using Gizmo 3D

Introducing Gizmo 3D 4m 21s

Customizing the Gizmo 5m 30s

Creating primitives with the Gizmo 4m 59s

Transposing multiple subtools at once 4m 36s

Deforming meshes with the Gizmo 7m 50s

2. Using the ZModeler Brush

ZModeler brush basics 4m

Polygrouping with ZModeler 3m 4s

Extruding faces with ZModeler 4m 32s

Inserting edgeloops with ZModeler 3m 12s

Creasing edges with ZModeler 2m 43s

Extra ZModeler tips 5m 38s

3. Using Live Booleans

Setting up Live Booleans 6m 15s

Generating Booleaned results 4m 27s

Live Boolean challenge 38s

Live Boolean solution 6m 48s

4. Assorted New Features

Continuing a stroke 4m 22s

Making straight line strokes 1m 51s

Drawing an inverse mask 56s

Create a vector displacement map brush 6m 19s

Creating text 4m 46s

Conclusion Next steps 36s

00. Introduction 01 – Introduction 02 – What you should know before watching this course

01. Using Gizmo 3D 03 – Introducing Gizmo 3D 04 – Customizing the Gizmo 05 – Creating primitives with the Gizmo 06 – Transposing multiple subtools at once 07 – Deforming meshes with the Gizmo

02. Using the ZModeler Brush 08 – ZModeler brush basics 09 – Polygrouping with ZModeler 10 – Extruding faces with ZModeler 11 – Inserting edgeloops with ZModeler 12 – Creasing edges with ZModeler 13 – Extra ZModeler tips

03. Using Live Booleans 14 – Setting up Live Booleans 15 – Generating Booleaned results 16 – Live Boolean challenge 17 – Live Boolean solution

04. Assorted New Features 18 – Continuing a stroke 19 – Making straight line strokes 20 – Drawing an inverse mask 21 – Create a vector displacement map brush 22 – Creating text

05. Conclusion 23 – Next steps Ex_Files_ZBrush_4R8_NF.7z Ex_Files_ZBrush_4R8_NF_FREE.7z info.txt

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