Release date:2018, August 31

Duration:03 h 11 m

Author:Chante Bright

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Autodesk Revit is widely known for its architectural drafting capabilities, but its features also lend themselves well to interior design projects. If you’re looking to tackle a project in Autodesk Revit, but don’t know where to begin, then this course is for you. Join instructor Chante’ Bright as she shares techniques and tools that can help you leverage Revit to create striking presentations and effective documentation. Chante’ steps through how to set up your workspace, add custom materials, create preliminary designs, use lighting effects in interior spaces, and more.

Topics include:

Managing your information

Working with the camera

Getting organized

Adding custom materials

Creating project schemes

Understanding design options

Placing components

Adding materials

Placing a ceiling for lighting

Proper lighting techniques

Rendering a view in the cloud
Table of Contents


Create stunning presentations for interior design 53s

What you should know 36s

1. Managing Your Information

Taking care of business 2m 54s

Head over feet 4m 56s

2. Workspace Setup

Creating the interior elevation 4m 34s

Set it and forget it 2m 53s

Laying out and setting up 5m 15s

Seeing things clearly 4m 9s

Working with the camera 5m 36s

Putting things in their place 5m 18s

Getting organized 3m 35s

3. Material Library Setup

Adding custom materials: Part 1 7m 52s

Adding custom materials: Part 2 8m 59s

Texturizing 7m 16s

Classifications 4m 46s

4. Creating Project Schemes

Understanding design options 5m 10s

Using phasing and options together 14m 59s

Connecting the dots 3m 27s

5. Placing Components

Adding casework and other equipment: Part 1 6m 4s

Adding casework and other equipment: Part 2 5m 43s

Understanding component visibility 1m 15s

Placing kitchen components 7m 40s

6. Beginner Family Creation

Creating extrusions 8m 52s

Creating revolves 5m 26s

Adding materials 5m 48s

7. Material Mapping

Finishing touches 3m 49s

Digital staging 6m 8s

Adding materials by component 7m 40s

Adding materials by paint 5m 44s

Placing a ceiling for lighting 8m 6s

8. Presentation Documentation

Proper lighting techniques: Part 1 4m 57s

Adding a studio light 4m 10s

Rendering a view in place 8m 14s

Rendering a view in the cloud 7m 55s

Conclusion Next steps 53s

000.Create stunning presentations for interior design 001.Taking care of business 002.Head over feet 003.Creating the interior elevation 004.Set it and forget it 005.Laying out and setting up 006.Seeing things clearly 007.Working with the camera 008.Putting things in their place 009.Getting organized 010.Adding custom materials Part 1 011.Adding custom materials Part 2 012.Texturizing 013.Classifications 014.Understanding design options 015.Using phasing and options together 016.Connecting the dots 017.Adding casework and other equipment Part 1 018.Adding casework and other equipment Part 2 019.Understanding component visibility 020.Placing kitchen components 021.Creating extrusions 022.Creating revolves 023.Adding materials 024.Finishing touches 025.Digital staging 026.Adding materials by component 027.Adding materials by paint 028.Placing a ceiling for lighting 029.Proper lighting techniques Part 1 030.Adding a studio light 031.Rendering a view in place 032.Rendering a view in the cloud 033.Next steps Ex_Files_Revit_Interior_Design_Project_Techniques.7z

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