Unreal Engine Marketplace – Advanced Glass Shader水晶玻璃材质 [Unreal Engine材质贴图] UE4水晶玻璃材质Advanced Glass Shader
Update 4: Water Caustics
Enjoy accurate caustics in water including caustic decal material, water surface material and water volume material.

Update 3: Blurred Glass
Designed for ArchViz and games the new Blurred Glass materials and post-process effect will bring a sense of reality to your glass while cleaning up Unreal Engine’s harsh refraction artifacts. Includes displacement and chromatic aberration, this effect can also be applied to your existing glass materials.
Usage guide can be found here.

Update 2: Flawed Crystal
Simulate gemstones, ice and other kinds of crystalline structures. Create sheets of ice with deep cracks, perfect or perfectly flawed diamonds, hyper-realistic glass panes and every kind of frozen water that you can imagine.

Advanced Glass Shader
If you’re looking for a shader that simulates the kind of glass you find used in sculptures, crystal balls or other solid shapes, look no further. This beautiful shader gives you fine control over parameters such as transmission colour, reflection colour, curvature, refraction, chromatic aberration, opacity, specular and roughness.
Requires at least one Scene Capture Cube component for reflections/refraction

Materials: 1
Material presets: 18
Textures: 14
Texture resolution: 1k-2k

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