Schoolism – 901 Indigo Bleu with Thomas Fluharty 教程大小:8.5G 语言:英语




在本课程中,我做了很多演示,你需要为你的作业画很多画。我在这门课上(以及在我自己的作品中)选择的工具是一支901 Indigo Bleu铅笔,它有自己独特的细微差别和用途,我将通篇讲述。


As an artist, you are only as good as you can draw. But don’t despair, this class will get your drawing skills to the next level!
Schoolism – 901 Indigo Bleu with Thomas Fluharty

Think of this as my advanced drawing class. Regardless of how well you can paint, your artistic ceiling is set by your ability to draw. This may be a strong statement but it’s one that I hold to be true. As a reasonably accomplished painter, I would insist that my painting skills only complement and build upon my drawing skills, not the other way around.

So with this in mind, I have unpacked my 40-ish years of drawing experience into this class, breaking my techniques and methods down using classical instruction, a hint of caricature and exaggeration, a lot of passion, and a hyper intense love for drawing.

I do a lot of demos in this course and you will be expected to do a LOT of drawing for your assignments. My tool of choice in this class (and in my own work) is a 901 Indigo Bleu pencil, which has its own unique nuances and uses, which I will talk about throughout.

To answer the inevitable question: yes, you CAN choose to do this class using some other pencil (after all, as awesome as a 901 Indigo Bleu pencil is, it won’t magically make you draw better) but nevertheless I highly recommend the 901 Indigo Bleu pencil. You’ll see why in this class.

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