DJI泰洛DJI迷你2计算机视觉物体检测姿态估计自然语言处理人工智能,了解无人机。无人机101。涵盖的主题包括:基本无人机操作Demo泰洛和迷你2演示Demo泰洛和Fly应用程序功能计算机视觉对象检测演示和演示估计演示自然语言处理演示DJI Mobile SDK探索、Android代码和FPV演示。总结和DJI泰洛Python姿态估计代码。新手无人机爱好者将被带入充满乐趣的户外演示环节。室内课程也有相关的演示。部分演示和部分动手演示。提供了无人机操作和人工智能的伟大融合。Drone and AI

人工智能领域,引入了计算机视觉,因为两架无人机都有一个集成的摄像头。Mini 2有一个3轴,-90°到+20°倾斜可控万向架。两架无人机的重量都不到0.55磅,因此不需要美国联邦航空局的注册。两架无人机都具有稳定的悬停功能。这些无人机没有现成的物体探测功能。荔枝应用程序有一个DJI迷你2的主动跟踪功能。它可以在视野范围内探测到一个人,并在飞行时保持这个人在中心。姿势估计可以通过使用代表关节的点观察身体位置来完成。无人机可以使用自然语言处理来解释口头和聊天命令。总的来说,学生会开悟,科学脾气指数会上去。在你的下一次社交活动中,跟上速度,熟悉术语

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DJI Tello DJI Mini 2 Computer Vision Object Detection Pose Estimation Natural Language Processing Artificial Intelli

What you’ll learn
Learn features of Drones, DJI Tello and DJI Mini 2.
Learn Object Detection and Active tracking with drone.
Learn Natural Language Processing basics.
Watch demo flights with explanations.

Beginners. No prior skill needed.

Learn about Drones. Drone 101. Topics covered include:Basic Drone operation DJI Tello and Mini 2 demos DJI Tello and Fly app featuresComputer VisionObject Detection Presentation and DemoPose Estimation PresentationNatural Language Processing PresentationDJI Mobile SDK exploration, Android code and FPV Demo.Wrap-up and DJI Tello Python Pose Estimation Code.Novice Drone enthusiast will be pulled into outdoors demo fun-filled session. Indoors sessions also have demos associated with them. Part presentation and part hands-on demo. A great blend of drone operations and Artificial Intelligence is offered. In the AI domain, computer vision is introduced, as both drones have an integrated camera. Mini 2 has a 3-axis, -90 to +20 tilt controllable gimbal. Both drones weigh less than 0.55 pounds, hence FAA registration is not required. Stable hover feature is incorporated in both the drones. Object detection feature is not available out-of-the box for these drones. Litchi App has an Active track feature for DJI Mini 2. It detects a person within the field of view and keeps the person centered while flying around. Pose estimation can be done by observing the body position using points representing the joints. Verbal and chat commands can be interpreted by the drone using Natural Language Processing. Overall, the student will be enlightened, and the scientific temper index will go up. Get up to speed and conversant will terms during your next social.   

Who this course is for
Drone enthusiasts with a flair for Artificial Intelligence.

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