Artstation–如何在Substance Painter中纹理化风格化的岩石

在这些视频教程中,我将带你了解我是如何使用Substance Painter中的技术对风格化的岩石进行纹理处理的。然后,我将资产带入虚幻引擎5,并简要讨论我如何“用灯光绘画”。

实时的我带你一步一步的我解释AAA行业技术的纹理风格化的岩石在Substance Painter。也就是说你可以看到我实时做决定。

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What You Get:

In these video tutorials I’m going to walk you through my process of how I texture stylized rocks using techniques in Substance Painter. I then bring the asset into Unreal Engine 5 and briefly discuss how I “paint with lights”. Artstation – How to Texture Stylized Rocks in Substance Painter

Real-time of me walking you through step by step of me explaining AAA industry techniques of texturing stylized rocks in Painter. Which means you get to see me make decisions in real time.
High and Low poly rock assets

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