Release date:2018, June 15

Duration:04 h 49 m

Author:Ryan Kittleson

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

ZBrush combines 3D modeling, texturing, and painting into one digital sculpting workflow. As such, it has dozens of features to master, and the 2018 edition adds the Sculptris Pro mode, new deformers, a polygroup generation tool, and more. If you’re a beginner, this course is the best introduction you can get. Instructor Ryan Kittleson helps digital artists—and those who are simply new to ZBrush—to learn all the essential tools and techniques. He shows how to create basics forms with meshes, sculpt details with brushes, paint and texture your models, and render the results—using the same professional pipeline you would for real-world projects. Follow along and learn how to use ZBrush to build the wildest 3D creations you can imagine.

Topics include: Importing a mesh Using primitives Working with subdivision levels Sculpting with brushes Applying materials Controlling scale Creating and combining polygroups Using subtools Creating insert mesh brushes Creating voxel models with Dynamesh Editing a mesh with the ZModeler Brush Working with ZRemesher Adding and removing subdivision levels Moving, scaling, and rotating objects Painting on a model Using texture maps Creating custom brushes Exporting ZBrush projects Working with other software
Table of Contents


ZBrush 2018 in action 50s

Preparing for this course 2m 47s

1. ZBrush Quick Start

Starting ZBrush for the first time 2 m 58s

Loading tools vs. opening projects 4m 21s

Learning the interface 5m 8s

Navigating in 3D space 3m 5s

Using the Gizmo 5m 6s

Additional Gizmo 3D tips 6m 4s

Using Undo History 2m 9s

2. Sculpting

The most commonly used brushes 5m 30s

Using brush settings 6m 4s

Using symmetry 3m 23s

Controlling brush size 3m 46s

Smoothing a model 2m 21s

Inverting brush effects 1m 55s

Working with alphas 3m 52s

3. Using Tools and Subtools

Working with subtools 3m 42s

Adding new tools and subtools 2 m 40s

Splitting subtools 2 m 58s

Combining subtools 2m 10s

Using insert mesh brushes 4m 55s

Creating insert mesh brushes 3m 15s

Splitting by mask, hidden, or polygroups 4m 5s

Using curve brushes 5m 46s

Extracting new shapes 2m 57s

Using Live Boolean mode 3m 42s

Generating the Boolean mesh 4m 16s

Using Transpose Master 2m 31s

Creating text 2m 50s

4. Selections, Masking, and Polygroups

Selecting parts of an object 2m 24s

Making masks 6m 17s

Creating polygroups 3m 58s

Mask, polygroup, and selection tips 1m 43s

Generating masks by topology 3m 5s

5. Using the ZModeler Brush

ZModeler introduction 3m 30s

Inserting and removing edges 3m 34s

Closing holes 3m 15s

Extruding faces 4m 10s

Bridging holes and edges 3m 21s

Splitting points 1m 26s

Polygrouping with ZModeler 2m 53s

Limitations of ZModeler 4m 20s

6. Using Subdivision

Dividing a model 3m 47s

Sculpting on a subdivision model 4m 2s

Limitations of subdivision models 3m 36s

Using Dynamic Subdivision 4m 24s

Creasing edges 5m 13s

7. Using DynaMesh

Activating DynaMesh 3m 53s

Sculpting with DynaMesh 3m 30s

Combining objects with DynaMesh 3m 33s

Limitations of DynaMesh 4m 51s

8. Using Sculptris Pro

Activating Sculptris Pro mode 3m 3s

Sculpting with Sculptris Pro 5m 5s

Using the new snake hook brushes 2m 38s

9. Paint, Materials, and Texture Maps

Applying materials 4m 36s

Painting color 6m 22s

Laying out UVs 3m 14s

Converting between color and texture maps 5m 23s

Painting with Spotlight 7m 56s

Using Noisemaker 7m 8s

Importing models with texture maps 2m 28s

10. Editing Models

Deleting part of a model 1m 52s

Mirroring a model 3m 27s

Working with ClayPolish 1m 57s

Using the clip and trim brushes 5m 24s

Closing all holes 1m 35s

Flipping and doubling surfaces 2m 37s

Using deformers 2m 22s

Using morph targets 3m 32s

Decimating models 3m 49s

Using EdgeLoop 5m 48s

Using ZRemesher 4m 18s

Projecting detail 4m 28s

11. Exporting Work from ZBrush

Using GoZ 2m 54s

Using the 3D Printing Exporter 4m 21s

Exporting with the Multi Map Exporter 3m 18s

Exporting to FBX format 3m 9s

Conclusion Next steps 51s

01 – Introduction 01. ZBrush_2018_in_action 02. Preparing_for_this_course

02 – 1._ZBrush_Quick_Start 03. Starting_ZBrush_for_the_first_time 04. Loading_tools_vs._opening_projects 05. Learning_the_interface 06. Navigating_in_3D_space 07. Using_the_Gizmo 08. Additional_Gizmo_3D_tips 09. Using_Undo_History

03 – 2._Sculpting 10. The_most_commonly_used_brushes 11. Using_brush_settings 12. Using_symmetry 13. Controlling_brush_size 14. Smoothing_a_model 15. Inverting_brush_effects 16. Working_with_alphas

04 – 3._Using_Tools_and_Subtools 17. Working_with_subtools 18. Adding_new_tools_and_subtools 19. Splitting_subtools 20. Combining_subtools 21. Using_insert_mesh_brushes 22. Creating_insert_mesh_brushes 23. Splitting_by_mask_hidden_or_polygroups 24. Using_curve_brushes 25. Extracting_new_shapes 26. Using_Live_Boolean_mode 27. Generating_the_Boolean_mesh 28. Using_Transpose_Master 29. Creating_text

05 – 4._Selections_Masking_and_Polygroups 30. Selecting_parts_of_an_object 31. Making_masks 32. Creating_polygroups 33. Mask_polygroup_and_selection_tips 34. Generating_masks_by_topology

06 – 5._Using_the_ZModeler_Brush 35. ZModeler_introduction 36. Inserting_and_removing_edges 37. Closing_holes 38. Extruding_faces 39. Bridging_holes_and_edges 40. Splitting_points 41. Polygrouping_with_ZModeler 42. Limitations_of_ZModeler

07 – 6._Using_Subdivision 43. Dividing_a_model 44. Sculpting_on_a_subdivision_model 45. Limitations_of_subdivision_models 46. Using_Dynamic_Subdivision 47. Creasing_edges

08 – 7._Using_DynaMesh 48. Activating_DynaMesh 49. Sculpting_with_DynaMesh 50. Combining_objects_with_DynaMesh 51. Limitations_of_DynaMesh

09 – 8._Using_Sculptris_Pro 52. Activating_Sculptris_Pro_mode 53. Sculpting_with_Sculptris_Pro 54. Using_the_new_snake_hook_brushes

10 – 9._Paint_Materials_and_Texture_Maps 55. Applying_materials 56. Painting_color 57. Laying_out_UVs 58. Converting_between_color_and_texture_maps 59. Painting_with_Spotlight 60. Using_Noisemaker 61. Importing_models_with_texture_maps

11 – 10._Editing_Models 62. Deleting_part_of_a_model 63. Mirroring_a_model 64. Working_with_ClayPolish 65. Using_the_clip_and_trim_brushes 66. Closing_all_holes 67. Flipping_and_doubling_surfaces 68. Using_deformers 69. Using_morph_targets 70. Decimating_models 71. Using_EdgeLoop 72. Using_ZRemesher 73. Projecting_detail

12 – 11._Exporting_Work_from_ZBrush 74. Using_GoZ 75. Using_the_3D_Printing_Exporter 76. Exporting_with_the_Multi_Map_Exporter 77. Exporting_to_FBX_format

13 – Conclusion 78. Next_steps

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