Release date:2019

Author:Raphael Boyon

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

It takes a lot to be a professional character artist. A good character artist knows his or her way around all the artistic AND technical aspects of the job. It’s not just sculpting, its topology. It not just texture painting, it’s setting up shaders to make the character believable. And it’s not just exporting a few OBJs and handing it off to the animator, it’s knowing how to connect all those bits and pieces into one cohesive, game-ready model.

Module 01 01.- Introduction 02.- Preparation Work 03.- Toolbox 04.- Sculpting the Face 05.- Detailing Techniques 06.- Detailing

Module 02 07.- Body Proportions and Measures 08.- Setting up Proprotions and Polygroups 09.- Sculpting the Body

Module 03 10.- Introduction and Toolbox 11.- Modeling the Boots 12.- Modeling the Pants 13.- Jacket Sleeves Turtleneck and subtools 14.- Modeling the Leather Skirt 15.- Modeling the Lion Ring 16.- Modeling the Badge 17.- Detailing – Intro and Polishing the Junctions 18.- Detailing – Extracting the Stiched Pattern 19.- Detailing – Noise Maker and Happy Accident 20.- Detailing – Using Alphas 21.- Modeling Wrap Up 22.- BONUS – Starting the Hands 23.- BONUS – Sculpting the Hands

Module 04 24.- Creating the Game Model Intro 25.- Boots Retopo 26.- Pants Retopo 27.- Jacket and Props Retopo 28.- A Few Words About Face Topology 29.- Checking for Errors in Max and Wrap Up

Module 05 30.- Uvs – Introduction 31.- Uving the Bottom Pieces 32.- Uving the Top Pieces 33.- A Few Words About Face and Hand UVs 34.- Packing UVs

Module 06 35.- Baking Introduction – What is a Normal Map 36.- Baking in Zbrush (Pants) 37.- Baking in Max (Jacket) 38.- Baking in Xnormal (Sleeves) 39.- Checking our Bakes and Setting Up A Realtime Shader

Module 07 40.- Texturing Speed Intro 41.- Polypainting the Face 1 42.- Polypainting the Face 2 43.- Baking and Setting Up our Face Shader 44.- Texturing Techniques 1 45.- Texturing Techniques 2 46.- Texturing Techniques 3 47.- Texturing Techniques 4 48.- Specular First Pass

Module 08 49.- Sending our Model to a Realtime Engine 50.- Conclusion

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