Release date:2017, October

Duration:04 h 39 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In this series We will use Photoshop Camera RAW for color correcting Our photos and save them as TIFF files, then We will go to Agisoft Photoscan, to generate our model. Masking photographs, aligning, generating dense point cloud data, clean that data, generate mesh, textures. We will also merge chunks, because this object need to be done from two scans. Main part of the trunk, and bottom part which was covered, because it need to stand this way.

Then We will go to Zbrush, for fixing scan errors. Decimating our scan to get usable mesh, and bake displacement maps for later use in Blender/Cycles and it’s new Principled Shader. Before rendering We will also use Substance Designer and Painter to make PBR textures and off course Photoshop for some cloning and relighting.

Table of Contents

1. Project Overview

2. Theory and shooting

3. Color correcting and saving images in Photoshop Camera RAW

4. Loading photos into Agisoft Photoscan.

5. Masking unwanted areas on photos.

6. Aligning photos – sparse point cloud data

7. Clean sparse point cloud data

8. Generating dense point cloud data

9. Clean dense point cloud data

10. Generating mesh

11. Generating texture

12. Aligning and merging chunks

13. Cleaning scan data in Zbrush

14. Decimating mesh

15. Making proper UV data.

16. Re-import to Zbrush and projecting detail to mesh with good UV’s.

17. Baking displacement map

18. Baking all needed maps in Substance Designer for later use in Substance Painter.

19. PBR textures in Substance Painter.

20. Lighting, shading and rendering in Blender Cycles. Using new Principled shader.

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