Release date:2018, August

Duration:01 h 21 m

Author:Scott Paton, Nathan Segal

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

What Will I Learn?

Improve their workflow with Photoshop, from within and without.

Learn how to optimize their image files

Check for mistakes (and fix them) before using the finished product in your projects or client projects.


Working knowledge of Photoshop CC 2018

An understanding of all the file formats used with Photoshop

A working knowledge of bitmap and vector images

Description This course is all about productivity and management. You will learn how to structure projects before they begin, keep track of files, prepare Photoshop before you use it, work with the correct file types, learn how to maximize Photoshop resources, use the correct file types and sizes for the web, print, and more.

You will learn how to:

Prepare Photoshop before even starting

Major design mistakes

What not to use Photoshop for

Common Masking mistakes

Being too close to your project

File size issues

and much more…

Eliminate the most common Photoshop mistakes you do not even know you are making!

Enrol today…

Who is the target audience?

This course is designed for the intermediate to advanced Photoshop enthusiast or professional who wants to augment their skills.

It is designed for the user who wants to improve their workflow and become more efficient.

It is not designed for beginners, or those who don’t know Photoshop well.
Table of Contents

Introduction 50:24

Introduction 03:51

Steps to take before beginning any project. Part One 16:55

Steps to take before beginning any project. Part Two 07:41

Preparing Photoshop for use and Output. Part One 13:35

Preparing Photoshop for use and Output Part Two 05:58

Summary 02:24

Design Mistakes 25:33

Introduction 01:16

Design Mistakes 07:53

More design mistakes 16:24

Wrap up 06:10

Next Steps 01:17

Ask For a Review 00:14

[Bonus] 04:39

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