Release date:2018

Duration:02 h 06 m

Author:Lucas Ridley

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Explainer videos are in high demand, with video content driving sales traffic and generating awareness for products and services many businesses are in need of a good explainer video to convey the value of their business to potential customers.

In this class, you will learn the fundamental tools in After Effects specifically related to creating an explainer video.

After Effects is an incredible program that has a broad range of capabilities. We will focus on three main ingredients that are vital to any explainer video: interesting transitions, flourishes, and characters.

The goal of the course is to finish with an understanding of what makes an appealing animation in regards to explainer videos and how to create it for yourself in After Effects.

Table of Contents

1. Class Teaser 0:38

2. Planning Phase 2:57

3. Intro to Animation Topics 1:11

4. Intro to AE (Beginners Only) 5:39

5. Illustrate a Megaphone with Masks 18:59

6. Transitions Part 1 8:15

7. Transitions Part 2 10:29

8. Breakdown Example 1 11:25

9. Breakdown Example 2 9:38

10. Flourishes Part 1 10:10

11. Flourishes Part 2 9:02

12. Body Building 4:38

13. Arms and Legs 10:59

14. Rendering in After Effects 3:30

15. Whiteboard Effect 9:14

16. Animate A Banner Ribbon 9:00

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