Release date:2018

Duration:12 h 41 m

Author:Eduonix Learning Solutions, Eduonix-Tech

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

What Will I Learn?

Learn to use Photoshop for web Design

Master advance photoshop techniques

Learn the tricks of the trade and start using Photohop in your Job or your projects

Learn the latent design principles using Photoshop

Requirements You will just need a working copy of Photoshop to start this course


The ULTIMATE Photoshop course is finally here! Master the most used photo editing software and make your photos the star of every show.

Photoshop helps photographers and editors modify the images till it represents their vision the screen. Modifying the lighting, removing unflattering things and sometimes even modifying the images to the point where images are completely different from what they start with.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most famous and used editing software on the market for photo editing and manipulation. It offers multiple tools, effects, textures, etc. to help editors bring their vision to paper.

Well, to help you become a MASTER EDITOR, we have designed the most comprehensive course on Photoshop.

This course assumes that you are a beginner and by the end of it will convert you into an expert, helping you not only understand the different features that Photoshop offers, but also best tips and tricks to getting the most out of your every shot!

In this course, you will learn Photoshop tools, techniques, effects and all the different features including advanced features and Adobe extensions such as Lightroom, Bridge and Camera Raw. You will learn how to manipulate and modify the lighting, retouching beauty shots (including highlighting skin, eye depth and color, teeth whiteness, lips color, body retouching and even hair selecting), as well as the different tools that the software offers.

You will start at the beginning, getting familiar with the Photoshop UI, workshop and different layers, then progressing on to the various tools, effects and correction techniques, learning how to modify images and finally learning advanced Adobe extensions for Photoshop.

At the end of this course, you will have become fluent in not only Photoshop, but also a master at editing photos like a professional.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your photos do all the talking for you!

Who is the target audience? Any one who wants to learn Adobe Photoshop from ground up will find the course extremely useful

Table of Contents

Introduction 02:15

Intro 02:15

Getting Started 30:30

Default Settings, Workspaces 10:00

Opening Photos, New Documents 09:13

Layers, Blending 11:17

Tools 02:06:05

Selection Tools 10:52

Manipulation Tools- Basics 11:47

Manipulation Tools – In Action 11:40

Manipulation Tools – Final 16:46

Creation Tools – Basics 12:30

Creation Tools – Usage 08:52

Creation Tools – Advance Features 13:28

Creation Tools – Other stuff 15:00

Creation Tools – Final points 12:45

Workspace Tools 12:25

Workflow 42:34

Work Flow – Basics 14:20

Work Flow – Usage 10:00

Work Flow – Advance 18:14

Photo Correction 45:55

Perspective Distortion 17:50

Liquefy Adjustment 11:45

Double Raw Conversion 08:25

Image Processor 07:55

Effects and Techniques 03:51:04

Sliced Photo with Mask 13:00

Textured Portrait Person 14:15

Background Blurring 17:10

Haze Effect 10:03

Grunge Effect 19:15

Making Images Pop 09:30

Creating a Vignette 12:10

Creating Facial Hair 18:00

Combining Images 18:15

Creating a Drop Shadow 19:35

Whitening the Infinity Wall 14:30

Creating Weather 25:18

Creating Smoke 14:15

Alien Skin Effect 25:48

Beauty Techniques 01:58:11

Skin Retouching 27:55

Eye Depth & Color 23:18

Teeth Whitening & Straightening 18:28

Lip Color & Body 35:15

Hair Selecting & Retouching 13:15

Working with Adobe Lightroom 01:50:50

Making an Image Pop 11:25

Adding and Editing Keywords 24:39

Adding and Editing a Watermark 16:20

Exporting Images 12:20

Automatic Image Synchronization 09:33

Copyrighting Images 13:25

Integrating Lightroom with Dropbox 12:10

Integrating Lightroom with Branding 10:58

Working with Bridge 54:02

Importing with Bridge 12:15

Working with Batch Process 13:12

Star and Labeling System 11:00

Creating a PDF Portfolio in Bridge 17:35

1. Introduction 1. Intro

2. Getting Started 1. Default Settings, Workspaces 2. Opening Photos, New Documents 2.1 Opening Photos, New 3. Layers, Blending 3.1 Layers,

3. Tools 01. Selection Tools 01.1 Selection 02. Manipulation Tools- Basics 02.1 Manipulation 03. Manipulation Tools – In Action 03.1 Manipulation Tools – In 04. Manipulation Tools – Final 04.1 Manipulation Tools – 05. Creation Tools – Basics 05.1 Creation Tools – 06. Creation Tools – Usage 06.1 Creation Tools – Usage.rar 07. Creation Tools – Advance Features 08. Creation Tools – Other stuff 09. Creation Tools – Final points 10. Workspace Tools 10.1 Workspace

4. Workflow 01. Work Flow – Basics 02. Work Flow – Usage 03. Work Flow – Advance Work Flow_1 – History, Actions.rar Work Flow_2 – Colors, Adjustments, Styles.rar Work Flow_3 – Smart Objects, Channels, Masks.rar

5. Photo Correction 1. Perspective Distortion 1.1 Perspective 2. Liquefy Adjustment 2.1 Liquefy 3. Double Raw Conversion 3.1 Double Raw 4. Image Processor 4.1 Image

6. Effects and Techniques 01. Sliced Photo with Mask 01.1 Sliced Photo with Mask.rar 02. Textured Portrait Person 02.1 Textured Portrait Person.rar 03. Background Blurring 03.1 Background Blurring.rar 04. Haze Effect 04.1 Haze Effect.rar 05. Grunge Effect 05.1 Grunge Effect.rar 06. Making Images Pop 06.1 Making Images Pop.rar 07. Creating a Vignette 07.1 Creating a Vignette.rar 08. Creating Facial Hair 08.1 Creating Facial Hair.rar 09. Combining Images 09.1 Combining Images.rar 10. Creating a Drop Shadow 10.1 Creating a Drop Shadow.rar 11. Whitening the Infinity Wall 11.1 Whitening the Infinity Wall.rar 12. Creating Weather 12.1 Creating Weather.rar 13. Creating Smoke 13.1 Creating Smoke.rar 14. Alien Skin Effect 14.1 Alien Skin Effect.rar

7. Beauty Techniques 1. Skin Retouching 2. Eye Depth & Color 3. Teeth Whitening & Straightening 4. Lip Color & Body 5. Hair Selecting & Retouching

8. Working with Adobe Lightroom 1. Making an Image Pop 2. Adding and Editing Keywords 3. Adding and Editing a Watermark 4. Exporting Images 5. Automatic Image Synchronization 6. Copyrighting Images 7. Integrating Lightroom with Dropbox 8. Integrating Lightroom with Branding

9. Working with Bridge 1. Importing with Bridge 2. Working with Batch Process 3. Star and Labeling System 4. Creating a PDF Portfolio in Bridge

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