Release date:2018

Duration:04 h 14 m

Author:Lucas Ridley

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In this course, you will gain an understanding of animation and it’s fundamental principles while beginning to master the industry standard software Autodesk Maya.

The course will start with the total beginner in mind and then get progressively more complex so you’ll be able to follow along and advance your skill as an animator.

There are four exercises we will use to help us learn:

generic bouncing ball

specific bouncing balls

robot arm picking up a box

walk cycle with the “Bones” character rig

Even though this section is a continuation of the “Maya for Beginners” course you can still start with this one if you’re only interested in animation. However, I encourage you to check out the other courses as well. My recommendation, if you have the time, is to start with Modeling, then Texturing, then Rigging, and finally this course. But it is not required you take the other courses, it would just give you a broader knowledge set of Maya if you were to take the others.
Table of Contents

Course Preview 1:13

Download Maya Free Trial 1:18

Interface Intro 12:26

Manipulators And Camera Movement 10:51

01 Bouncing Ball 10:04

02 Graph Editor 11:54

03 Finishing Generic Ball Bounce 11:35

04 Squash And Stretch 8:17

05 Ball Exercise 2:11

06 Ball Exercise Review 9:41

07 Animation Scene Setup 5:20

08 Follow Through 14:43

09 Follow Through Polish 9:09

10 Antics Contrast And Overshoots 20:28

11 Constraints 12:50

12 Referenced Rigs 5:04

13 Walk Cycle Start 10:22

14 Walk Cycle Mirror Keys 6:44

15 Walk Cycle Breakdowns 10:12

16 Walk Cycle Finish Lower Body 18:15

17 Walk Cycle Upper Body 10:15

18 Walk Cycle Offsets 10:27

19 Walk Cycle Polish 9:58

20 Walk Cycle Off The Spot 4:39

21 Walk Cycle Polish More 8:58

22 Walk Cycle Motion Trail Wrists 16:30

23 Walk Cycle Motion Path 17:21

24 Wrap Up 6:31

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