Release date:2018

Duration:04 h 03 m

Author: Lucas Ridley

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Let’s learn what it takes to make model’s move! We will give our character real bones so we can articulate the model for animation.

Rigging is an essential skill even for 3D artists who aren’t interested in rigging it is still required knowledge at most studios even to be an animator to have some knowledge of rigging.

This is the 3rd section in the Maya for Beginners series. I recommend starting with modeling, then texturing, and then this class. But if you’re an animator just interested in getting some rigging knowledge or someone new to 3D with no experience rigging then you can just start with the class first if you’d like!

We will start by rigging a prop and learn about pivots and how to organize a rig. Then we will move on to the more complex character rigging.

By the end of this course you will have the skills and confidence to rig most anything and will be on your way to becoming a more advanced rigger.

Table of Contents

Course Overview 1:26

Download Maya Free Trial 1:18

Interface Intro 12:26

Manipulators And Camera Movement 10:51

Rigging Intro 7:16

Rigging QuickRig 3:14

Prop Rigging Parent Constraint 6:59

Prop Rigging Pivot Control 9:52

IK vs FK 5:26

Bones QuickRig Skeleton 5:13

Bones Hands 7:09

Bones Joint Orientation 8:42

Bones Rotate Order 6:48

Bones Recreate Limbs 5:17

Bones Pole Vectors 6:24

Bones Hand Controls 12:30

Bones Reverse Foot Rig 5:18

Bones Foot Roll SDK 11:58

Bones Independent Toe 4:58

Bones Organize And Scale 2:27

Bones COG And Hips 8:03

Bones Spine CONs 4:13

Bones Shoulder Fingers 9:35

Bones Hands To Shoulders 2:53

Bones Hand Spaces 7:59

Bones Head Space 5:50

Bones Skinning The Feet 3:43

Bones Moving Joints Fix 7:43

Bones Skinning Spine Weights 12:59

Pose Space Deformations 10:51

Bones Skin Body 3:41

Fix Forearm Twist 7:23

Bones Head Blendshapes 13:38

Bones Clean Up 8:44

01. Course Overview 02. Interface Intro 03. Manipulators And Camera Movement 04. Rigging Intro 05. Rigging QuickRig 06. Prop Rigging Parent Constraint 07. Prop Rigging Pivot Control 08. IK vs FK 09. Bones QuickRig Skeleton 10. Bones Hands 11. Bones Joint Orientation 12. Bones Rotate Order 13. Bones Recreate Limbs 14. Bones Pole Vectors 15. Bones Hand Controls 16. Bones Reverse Foot Rig 17. Bones Foot Roll SDK 18. Bones Independent Toe 19. Bones Organize And Scale 20. Bones COG And Hips 21. Bones Spine CONs 22. Bones Shoulder Fingers 23. Bones Hands To Shoulders 24. Bones Hand Spaces 25. Bones Head Space 26. Bones Skinning The Feet 27. Bones Moving Joints Fix 28. Bones Skinning Spine Weights 29. Pose Space Deformations 30. Bones Skin Body 31. Fix Forearm Twist 32. Bones Head Blendshapes 33. Bones Clean Up Rigging_Files.7z

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