Release date:2018

Duration:06 h 18 m

Author:Lucas Ridley

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Welcome to the first part in a series of Maya for Beginners. Take one or any of the parts in any order you wish! You don’t have to take them in order or more than one to understand them all, but it will definitely help!

This course is for someone who has no prior experience and wants to learn Maya. If you have felt intimidated and unsure if you can learn 3D software then I have made this course for you.

My name is Lucas Ridley, I recently worked on films like Avenger’s: Infinity War, Ready Player One, and Transformers: The Last Knight as an animator. I can remember what it’s like to struggle learning 3D software because it hasn’t been that long ago that I started. I will show you the most important aspects of the software through project-based learning in over 6 hours of content.

This first part is focused on 3D Modeling so you will have a foundation in the software and begin to feel comfortable navigating around. We will focus on two main projects while we learn by modeling a Ghostbuster’s trap and a skeleton character ‘Bones.’ With these projects, you will have two models you will be able to show off your new skills. We will also be using these models in the next parts of this course’s series. I will also spend some time discussing not only the ‘how’ to make models but also the ‘why’ we are doing it this way so you will be able to get an idea and model it yourself!

I am providing a Maya scene file for each video lesson so you can jump around or skip lessons if you’d like and use my scene files to pick up where you want in the course. Follow along with my scene files or make your own!

Thanks for beginning your journey with me. This software has given me a career in the film industry and I want to share my knowledge with you because I know what it’s like to start. So let’s get going!

Table of Contents

Course Overview New 1:55

Download Maya Free Trial 1:18

Interface Intro 12:26

Manipulators And Movement 10:51

Intro To 3D Modeling 7:53

Ghostbuster Trap 13:14

GB Trap – Insert Edge, Extrude, Append 13:30

GB Trap – Bevel, Normals 12:13

GB Trap – Booleans 23:59

GB Trap – Knob Motion Path 21:05

GB Trap – Front, Merge Vertices 16:14

GB Trap – Front, Doors 16:25

GB Trap – Cord 12:00

Topology – Line Flow 5:41

Topology – Reducing Even Numbers 9:20

Topology – Reducing Odd Numbers 7:17

Bones – Image Plane Setup 10:50

Bones – Box vs Edge Modeling 9:09

Bones – Make Live Tool 11:29

Bones – Sculpting 6:44

Bones – Eye Socket Edge Loops 15:13

Bones – Eye Attach 9:10

Bones – Nose 15:04

Bones – Cleaning Topology 16:20

Bones – Mirroring Head 11:42

Bones – Lattice Deformer 3:54

Bones – Spine Wire Deformer 11:40

Bones – Ribs Bend Deformer 18:28

Bones – Sternum 17:02

Bones – Right Side Body 27:28

Bones – Mirror 8:39

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