Release date:2018

Duration:03 h 47 m

Author:Shayna Cochefski

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In Drawing Fundamentals, Shayna Cochefski will teach you how to draw by hand, starting from the ground up. You will begin by learning the elements and principles of design, where you’ll learn about line, shape, value, color, contrast, and many more of the building blocks of drawing and design.

Then, you will get right into a observational drawing exercises, where you’ll learn how to map out and draw an object with proper proportions using lines and value.

Finally, Shayna walks you through how to draw a human face, and then how to draw a portrait from a photo reference. After taking this course, you will have a very strong foundational understanding of how to draw by hand.

01 Introduction to Drawing 0101 Introduction 0102 Tools and Paper Overview 0103 Drawing from Observation 0104 Drawing from a Photograph 0105 Exercise Files

02 Elements of Design 0201 Intro to Elements of Design 0202 Line 0203 Shape 0204 Value 0205 Form 0206 Space 0207 Texture 0208 Color

03 Principles of Design 0301 Intro to Principles of Design 0302 Pattern 0303 Contrast 0304 Emphasis 0305 Balance 0306 Proportion and Scale 0307 Unity 0308 Rhythm and Movement

04 Contour Drawing 0401 Intro to Contour Drawing 0402 Mapping out the Proportions 0403 Drawing the Structure Lines 0404 Detailing the Structure Lines 0405 Finishing the Details of the Structure Lines 0406 Beginning the Finished Line Drawing 0407 Adding Suggestion Lines 0408 Finishing the Contour Drawing

05 Drawing Form with Value 0501 Intro to Drawing Form with Value 0502 Mapping Out the Sphere 0503 Rendering the Shadow Side of the Sphere 0504 Rendering the Light Side of the Sphere 0505 Finishing The Shadow Details of the Sphere 0506 Mapping Out the Cone 0507 Rendering the Shadow Side of the Cone 0508 Rendering the Light Side of the Cone 0509 Adding Value Contrast and Finishing the Cone 0510 Drawing Form with Value Conclusion

06 Drawing The Human Face 0601 Intro to Drawing the Human Face 0602 Mapping Out The Human Face 0603 Mapping Out the Feature Widths and Heights 0604 Drawing the Facial Features 0605 Finishing the Human Head Details 0606 Drawing Human Eyeballs 0607 Drawing Eyelids 0608 Drawing The Eye from Different Perspectives 0609 Drawing the Nose 0610 Outro to Drawing the Human Face

07 Drawing A Portrait 0701 Intro to Drawing a Portrait 0702 Choosing and Preparing a Reference Photo 0703 Mapping Out the Facial Proportions 0704 Start Drawing the Eyes 0705 Start Drawing Nose and Detailed Eye Features 0706 Drawing the Shape of the Face 0707 Drawing the Eyebrows, Mustache, and Hair 0708 Drawing the Facial Details 0709 Cleaning Up the Markings Before Value Shading 0710 Shading in Values part 1 0711 Drawing the Ear 0712 Shading in Values part 2 0713 Shading in Values part 3 0714 Completing the Dark Shadow Values 0715 Completing the Lighter Values 0716 Detailing the Hair 0717 Finishing Details of the Portrait (Timelapse) 0718 Conclusion to Drawing Fundamentals


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