Release date:2018, October 15

Duration:01 h 47 m

Author:Jan Kabili

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Get started with Lightroom CC, the powerful, cloud-centric system from Adobe for editing, organizing, and sharing your photos. In this course, photographer and instructor Jan Kabili provides an approachable introduction to Lightroom CC. Jan showcases Lightroom CC on the desktop, but the techniques she covers in this course can help you work with Lightroom CC on your phone or tablet and on the web. She demonstrates how to import photos and leverage intuitive editing controls to make your photos shine. Learn how to adjust lighting, color, and perspective; edit parts of a photo using local editing tools; apply creative photo editing techniques such as split toning; and lots more. To wrap up, Jan shares tips for organizing and sharing your work.

Topics include:

Adding photos from your computer or phone

Working with the editing controls

Adjusting lighting and color


Removing objects

Getting great looks with presets

Adding lighting effects

Controlling colors

Copying edits to other photos

Organizing and sharing your photos
Table of Contents


Editing, organizing, and sharing photos with Lightroom CC 1m 28s

Using the exercise files 1m 11s

1. Getting Started

Adding photos to Lightroom CC on your computer 4m 48s

Adding photos to Lightroom CC on your phone 2 m 43s

Getting to know the interface 4m 48s

2. Improving Your Photos

Choosing a profile 5m 40s

Cropping 2 m 56s

Working with the editing controls 3m 49s

Adjusting lighting 4m 51s

Controlling white balance 3m 13s

Applying the Clarity and Dehaze effects 3m 11s

Adjusting color saturation and vibrance 1m 21s

Adjusting perspective with geometry controls 2m 24s

Sharpening 4m 38s

Pulling it all together 7m 1s

3. Editing Part of a Photo

Removing unwanted content with the Healing tool 6m 16s

Painting adjustments with the Brush tool 4m 50s

Adding lighting effects with radial gradients 3m 30s

Selective editing with linear Gradients 3m 31s

4. Creative Photo Editing

Getting great looks with presets 2m 17s

Controlling colors with the Color Mixer 2m 49s

Making custom black-and-white photos 3m 7s

Getting creative with split-toning 2m 20s

Copying edits to other photos 4m 41s

5. Organizing and Sharing

Organizing your photos into albums 4m 39s

Flagging and rating your photos 3m 58s

Finding photos with auto search 1m 33s

Finding photos of people 5m 50s

Saving photos 1m 7s

Sharing photos and albums 2m 39s

Conclusion Goodbye 17s