Discover time-saving editing techniques

Includes 3 full video projects to follow along!

10+ Hrs of training to help you confidently make ANY video, from start to finish!

The Ultimate DaVinci Resolve Workflow Guide!

PROFESSIONAL EDITING WORKFLOW IN DAVINCI RESOLVE was designed from the ground up to help you work SMARTER in Resolve!

It’s over 10 hours of solid gold wisdom, explained in plain language, so you can make better edits.

We’ll explore the best way to lay out a story, how to deal with mountains of footage, and how to optimize the WAY you edit.

In this master class, we’ll break down HOW to edit better stories, how to work faster with keyboard shortcuts, and explore tried-and-true editing techniques that can cut your post-production time in half!

Not only that, but we’ll cover the best workflows for adding graphics, mixing audio, creating simple VFX, and quickly color grading your projects.

The teaching methods in this class have unlocked the creativity of thousands of students around the world.

01. Introduction

C01_L01 – Welcome and About This Class C01_L02 – Course Tour

02. Downloads How-To_Video

ThaiTea (101) ThaiTea (102) ThaiTea (103) ThaiTea (104) ThaiTea (105) ThaiTea (106) ThaiTea (107) ThaiTea (108) ThaiTea (109) ThaiTea (110) ThaiTea (111) ThaiTea (112) ThaiTea (113) ThaiTea (114) Thai_Interview_VID


2Seconds_Later_GFX Cam-Intro Cam_Part_1 Cam_Part_2 Gaming_Video_Finished Screen-Intro Screen-Part 1 Screen-Part 2

Thug_Life_Audio_Music_Extras Thug_Life_Extras



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2014_09051147_C002 2015_09051231_C001 2016_09051327_C004


2017_09051602_C001 2017_09051623_C002 2017_09051640_C003 2017_09051708_C004 2017_09051731_C005 2017_09051746_C006 2017_09051750_C007 2017_09051812_C008 2021_09120127_C001 2021_09120135_C003 2021_09120141_C004 2021_09120143_C005 2021_09120156_C007 2021_09120246_C010

03. Understanding Resolve

C02_L01 – The Resolve Layout C02_L02 – What Page Do I Use C02_L03 – The Post Production Workflow

04. Setup & Settings

C03_L01 – Essential Settings C03_L02 – Keyboard Shortcuts C03_L03- Organization Tips

05. The Edit

C04_L01 – How To Start Editing C04_L02 – CONCEPT – Edits Tell Stories C04_L03 – Laying Out The Story C04_L04 – CONCEPT – Edits Invoke Feelings C04_L05 – Changing Feelings With Editing C04_L06 – CONCEPT – Edits Control Time C04_L07 – Changing Time With Editing C04_L08 – How to Cut Down LOTS of Footage C04_L09 – Editing Slow Motion C04_L10 – Editing In Passes C04_L11 – Dynamic Editing C04_L12 – The Edit is the Hub

06. Working With Audio

C05_L01 – Good Audio Is Essential C05_L02 – Audio Syncing Techniques C05_L03 – Adding and Mixing Music C05_L04 – Recording ADR C05_L05 – Essential Audio Mixing Techniques C05_L06 – Loudness

07. Graphics

C06_L01 – CONCEPT – Tasteful Graphics C06_L02 – Simple Motion GFX in the Edit Page C06_L03 – Fancy Motion GFX in Fusion C06_L04 – Tips for Better Fusion Playback C06_L05 – Creating Custom Templates in Fusion

08. Visual Effects

C07_L01 – Color Spaces in Visual Effects C07_L02 – Simple Cloning Techniques C07_L03 – Tracking Elements C07_L04 – Adding Fog C07_L05 – VFX Workflow Tips

09. Color Grading

C08_L01 – CONCEPT – Color Grading Unifies C08_L02 – CONCEPT – Color Invokes Feeling C08_L03 – The Color Page C08_L04 – Quick Color Grading Workflow C08_L05 – Simple Color Management C08_L06 – Tips for Fancy Color Grading

10. Rendering

C09_L01 – The Deliver Page C09_L02 – Essential Render Settings C09_L03 – A Rendering Workflow

11. Workflow With Me – How To Video

C10_L01 – Starting The How-To Video C10_L02 – The Interview C10_L03 – Gathering B-Roll C10_L04 – Adding Dynamic Edits C10_L05 – Adding Music C10_L06 – Fine Cut C10_L07 – Graphics C10_L08 – Color Grading C10_L09 – Audio Mixing C10_L10 – Rendering

12. Workflow With Me – Gaming Video

C11_L01 – Syncing Clips C11_L02 – Rough Picture-In-Picture C11_L03 – Gameplay Selects C11_L04 – Preparing For Edit C11_L05 – Rough Cut C11_L06 – Refining Edits C11_L07 – Social Graphics C11_L08 – Fancy Border Graphics C11_L09 – Making A Camera Template C11_L10 – Mixing Audio C11_L11 – Rendering

13. Workflow With Me – Documentary Short Film

C12_L01 – Starting From Scratch C12_L02 – Syncing Audio Using Metadata Tags C12_L03 – Getting Started On The Edit C12_L04 – Next-Level B-Roll Technique C12_L05 – Refining B-Roll C12_L06 – Adding Music C12_L07 – Adding VFX C12_L08 – Audio Mixing and Sound Design C12_L09 – Color Grading C12_L10 – Rendering

14. Thank You

C13_L01 – Thank You and Next Steps

[Ground Control] Pro Editing Workflow in DaVinci Resolve.7z [Ground Control] Pro Editing Workflow in DaVinci Resolve_Subtitles.7z 

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