HypePoly Runner Pack v1.0 魔杖和圆圈:HYPEPOLY-Runner Pack standard是一个巨大的资产,旨在帮助您开发无止境的Runner游戏。包包括许多陷阱与粒子,动画和脚本,模块化道路,动画环境对象,可折叠和装饰对象。这个包包括了很多模型,你可以创建一个漂亮的风格化的游戏!















-500-1500 tris/目






WAND AND CIRCLES: HYPEPOLY – Runner Pack Standart is a huge asset which created to help you in developing of endless runner games. Pack include a lot of traps with particles, animations and scripts, modular road, animated environment objects, collactable and decor objects. This pack include a lot of models which was you can create a beautiful stylized game!

Prefabs (A lot of prefabs include animations, particle systems):

-Traps x54 (Arrows, blades, rotated blades, arrow traps, fire traps, axe & mace traps, moving spikes, a lot of saws, spikes and static stones obstakles)

-Modular road parts x13 (Straight parts, 45°, 90°, rotated parts, road up part, start part, end part)

-Bridge parts x8

-Animated environment objects x6

-Coins (Normal version and damaged version)

-Gems (Normal version and damaged version in different colors)

-Grass x16

-Stones x20

-Pillars x5

-Tiles x8

*On screenshots and video we use a Unity Post Processing profiles, which doesn’t include in asset, but you can do it by yourself in few minutes. And in presentations we use a FOG shader, which doesn’t include to.

All meshes has a 1 material, so you can combine meshes to reduce your draw calls in project. Tiles separated by 3 parts, so you can effective use occlusion culling to improve performance of project.

-4 textures with color palette (256×256 .png)

-500-1500 tris per Mesh

-140 unique meshes

~140 prefabs

Models has a UV map for palette textures which included.

LODs absent.

Standart materials with albedo texture.