Double Jump Academy – Unreal Engine Complete Automotive Masterclass
Welcome to the UNREAL ENGINE AUTOMOTIVE MASTERCLASS thought by Post Processed, an Unreal Engine Generalist and Product Design Development Specialist.
Join our Unreal Engine Automotive Masterclass led by Post Processed, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience as a Director of Photography (DoP) and DI Colorist. With a track record of contributing to iconic automotive brand commercials such as Aston Martin, BMW, Nissan, and more, Post Processed brings unparalleled expertise to the table.

In this masterclass, you’ll delve into the intricacies of rigging any model, from downloaded assets to fully animated cinematics. Discover how to prepare cars, fine-tune lighting, and craft captivating animations using our provided rigging solution. Moreover, gain insights into rendering techniques in Unreal Engine and seamlessly integrate them into the Nuke post-production pipeline for an impeccable final product.

课程时长:13.5小时 2560X1440 mp4 语言:英语+中英文字幕 含课程文件

➡️ WEEK 1 – Blender/Unreal Engine: ⬇️

➖ What we will cover: ➖

• Data Preparation.
• Scale Units.
• Model Axis Orientation.
• Wheels Camber.
• Model splitting (Body, wheels etc)
• Normal orientation.
• Unreal Engine Project Setup.
• Import to Unreal Engine.

➡️ WEEK 2 – Unreal Engine: ⬇️

➖ What we will cover: ➖

• Adjusting Model Pivots (UE Modeling Tools).
• Automotive Materials Pack description.
• UE Materials Workflow.
• Car Shading.
• High precision tangent basis (important setting which must be enabled).
• Car Rig Assembly, wheels, brake callipers etc. (Car Rig blueprint provided).
• Car Rig adjustments. Wheel offset, body height, camber.
• Placing Car Rig in the scene, static functions overview. (Wheel turn, body lean).
• Brake Lights/Headlights blueprinting and preparing for animation – blueprinting in Car Rig.

➡️ WEEK 3 – Unreal Engine: ⬇️

➖ What we will cover: ➖

• Placing Car Rig in the scene.
• Suspension settings overview.
• Drawing spline path.
• Attaching car to spline.
• Multiple Spline/Multiple Cars usage.
• Sequencer Basics, preparing for animation.
• Adding cars to sequencer.
• Animate driving, stopping, turning.
• CineCamera actor overview.
• Adding Cameras and animating cameras.
• Camera Shakes/Sporty style of camera animation.
• Car Ramp Jump.

➡️ WEEK 4 – Environment Creation: ⬇️

➖ What we will cover: ➖

• Environment Light Object description.
• Environment Light Mixer Window.
• Setting directional light/skylight.
• Using HDRI, HDRI Limitations in Unreal Engine.
• Overview of Free Unreal Engine Marketplace assets and environments.
• Using Free Assets from Quixel Bridge.
• Creating Simple Minimalistic Environment (using basic shapes and Quixel Bridge Assets).
• Light setup and Post Processing Volume effects/exposure settings.

➡️ WEEK 5 – Rendering: ⬇️

➖ What we will cover: ➖

• Create car animation sequence within our created environment.
• Types of Render in Unreal Engine (Lumen vs Path Tracing).
• Lumen + Ray Tracing description and limitations.
• Movie Render Queue Overview.
• Color Profile ACES (for movies or Photoshop).
• Setting up render in Lumen only + Lumen and Ray Tracing.
• Setting up Render in Path Tracing.
• Importing in DaVinci Resolve for color grade.
• Colour space transform in DaVinci Resolve for correct display.
• Render with Cryptomatte.
• Importing EXR with Cryptomatte masks for Photoshop retouch.
• Using Cryptomatte in DaVinci Resolve with React plugin.

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