Unreal Engine虚幻游戏引擎素材资源 Unreal Engine Marketplace –Wooden Storage Pack木制储物包
This pack contains various wooden props that are associated with storage. It includes 19 unique models, 15 of which have separate new, clean, dirty, and old appearances. There is also a modular shelf asset that allows you to create a variety of shelf layouts to suit the designer’s needs. Lastly, the crates include separate models for the boxes and lids to those boxes to give the designer freedom to place them how they desire.
Designed for:
– Desktop
– Console
– VR
– 19 Meshes
– Range of Triangles per Mesh: 12-288
– 5 small crates and 1 lid
– 6 large crates and 1 lid
– 2 palette variations
– 1 shelf and 3 modular shelf pieces
Materials & Textures:
– 1 Parent Material (for optimization)
– 10 Material Instances
– 16 Textures (10 Diffuse and 6 Normal maps)
– All Textures 1024×1024

隐藏内容: ********, 支付¥5下载