Unreal Engine虚幻游戏引擎素材资源 Unreal Engine Marketplace –Ultimate Greyboxing Kit终极灰盒套装
This is a package consisting of 73 modular shapes, 18 blueprints and 14 materials for use when blocking out the basic level design.

Greyboxing is the traditional technique of blocking out the level with simple shapes to see if the level design supports the gameplay before creating the final art assets for the level. This

All the modular shapes in this kit are built according to a 100 unreal unit scale (1m), making them easily fit together in modular ways. They all have proper collision and a custom world-aligned material that makes it to easy to scale and rotate them freely and still have them follow the grid, as well as making it easy to determine their sizes at a glance.

Using shapes instead of BSPs is not only easier, but is also a lot better for the performance, and there’s no waiting for the level to rebuild as there is when you add a significant amount of BSP brushes.

The kit also come with some commonly needed blueprints to quickly add functionality to a level. Add buttons and trigger plates and easily hook them up to the provided doors and moving platforms to mock up simple interaction and puzzles. Add damaging lava zones, spikes or spinning and moving things that the player has to avoid.

All the blueprints in the kit are cleanly structured and commented.

The kit comes with two maps bundled. One simple example map greyboxed with the use of the kit as well as a playground where you can see and try out all the elements that come with the kit.
73 meshes

14 materials

18 blueprints

Avg tris per asset: 88

Texture resolution: 512×512 (uses UE4 default textures)

Intended platform: All

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