Dungeon Architect 地牢建筑师是一个插件,扩展了UE4编辑器来帮助简化游戏地图的创造过程。



Dungeon Architect is a plugin that extends the UE4 Editor to help streamline the level creation process.

Build vast levels procedurally with a single click with various tweakable parameter, either at design time or at runtime.
Manually design the layout of your levels for more artistic control with custom editor tools (Paint Brush Tool, Volumes etc) , and have the plugin automatically build the environment around it
Define the look and feel of your level using a powerful Graph based Theme Editor. This lets you instruct the plugin on the meshes and actors to populate around the level as it is being built (around walls, floor, doors, stairs etc)
Theme files are saved as separate data asset so they can be reused between projects or can be swapped with other theme files to completely change the look
Supports multiple themes on the same map. For e.g. Wood based architecture in one area, stone based in a nearby area. Override the theme on any part of your level using a custom volume actor
Supports height variations on the level to make them more interesting!
Full C++ source code access

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