CGTrader–Moss 7物种和石头–PBR资产套件低聚3D模型 大小解压后:1.83G
格式:FBX Blender obj 含材质
这种苔藓物种的分散资产套件允许创建复杂的苔藓表面。为了看起来像自然,我包括了七种不同的物种和石头。一个典型的用例是,您将包含的Moss _散点元素作为资产加载,以实例化粒子的形式发射它们,或者使用任何其他技术将它们作为实例进行散点。包含的阿甘场景准备在搅拌机循环中渲染,这里我通过程序分发了苔藓散布元素。使用这种技术将节省你大量的内存,当然你也可以自由地用它来构建独特的网格。正如你在预览中看到的,我包括了一些现成的石头和苔藓块,这些都是高聚的,旨在给你的场景一种独特的感觉,而不需要太多努力。石头也作为低聚变体被包括在内。你应该能够在游戏引擎中使用苔藓散布元素和低聚石头,并内置人口工具。因为苔藓和石头只基于两种PBR材料,你可以很容易地定制它们。我包括4k和2k纹理集,石头甚至有8k,两个HDR环境也包括在内。


This scatter asset kit of moss species allows for the creation of complex mossy surfaces. For a nature like look I included seven different species and stones. A typical use case is that you load the included Moss_ScatterElements as assets to emit them as instanced particles or use any other technique to scatter them around as instances. The included forrest scene is ready to render in Blender Cycles, here I distributed the Moss Scatter Elements via procedurals. Using this technique will save you a lot of memory, of course you are free to build unique meshes from it too. I included some ready populated stones and moss patches as you can see in the previews, those are high poly and meant to give an unique touch to your scenes without much effort. The Stones are included as a low poly variant too. You should be able to use the Moss Scatter Elements and low poly stones in game engines with the built in population tools. Since the moss and stones are based on only two PBR materials you can easily customize them. I included 4k and 2k texture sets, the stones even come in 8k, two HDR Environments are included too.
CGTrader – Moss 7 Species and Stones – PBR Asset Kit Low-poly 3D models
All meshes are clean and ready for subdivision, the low poly variants are triangulated for game engines. Scatter the moss in your scenes or place it hand, these assets are a great tool to add live and detail to scenes! Below you find a list of the contents.

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