Release date:2018, September 20

Author:Tony Abbey

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Much of CAD design uses 3D elements for finite element analysis (FEA) simulation. However, sometimes thin-walled or frame-like structures dominate. In these cases, shell (2D) and beam (1D) elements can represent designs more effectively. Across all industries, as much as 50% of the design of major engineering projects fall into these categories.

In this course, instructor Tony Abbey explains how to work with shell and beam models in SOLIDWORKS. Learn when to use shell, beam, and specialized truss elements; understand the fundamentals of modeling with them; and find out how to mesh, postprocess, and model components with these tools. Tony shows how to set up and run these FEA simulations to test the integrity of your designs and view results such as stress, force, and displacement.

Topics include:

Modeling beams and trusses

Using weldments

Modeling shells

Using surfaces

Using solid bodies

Using sheet-metal bodies

Setting up and running FEA simulations
Table of Contents


Shell and beam elements in SOLIDWORKS 49s

What you should know 1m 6s

Using the exercise files 1m 1s

1. Idealization with Shells and Beams

What are shells, beams, and trusses? 3m 56s

2. Focusing on Trusses

Truss modeling background 1m 51s

Truss model: 3D geometry setup 4m 20s

Truss model: 3D geometry results 3m 23s

Truss model: Weldments setup 4m 49s

Truss model: Weldments results 2m 57s

Truss: Beam differences 4m 56s

3. Focusing on Beams

Beam modeling background 2m 33s

Benchmark beam model: Pinned joints 4m 55s

Benchmark beam model: Welded joints 4m 18s

Loaded beam model: Geometry setup 4m 32s

Loaded beam model: Load boundary conditions (LBC) setup 5m 9s

Loaded beam model: Results 3m 28s

4. Focusing on Shells

Shell modeling background 3m 20s

Shell from surface setup 3m 19s

Shell from surface LBC and run 4m 17s

Shell from geometry setup 4m 44s

Shell from geometry LBC and run 4m 2s

Sheet metal setup 3m 33s

Sheet metal run 3m 47s

Conclusion Next steps 1m 32s

00. Introduction 01 – Shell and beam elements in SOLIDWORKS 02 – What you should know 03 – Using the exercise files

01. Idealization with Shells and Beams 04 – What are shells, beams, and trusses

02. Focusing on Trusses 05 – Truss modeling background 06 – Truss model – 3D geometry setup 07 – Truss model – 3D geometry results 08 – Truss model – Weldments setup 09 – Truss model – Weldments results 10 – Truss – Beam differences

03. Focusing on Beams 11 – Beam modeling background 12 – Benchmark beam model – Pinned joints 13 – Benchmark beam model – Welded joints 14 – Loaded beam model – Geometry setup 15 – Loaded beam model – Load boundary conditions (LBC) setup 16 – Loaded beam model – Results

04. Focusing on Shells 17 – Shell modeling background 18 – Shell from surface setup 19 – Shell from surface LBC and run 20 – Shell from geometry setup 21 – Shell from geometry LBC and run 22 – Sheet metal setup 23 – Sheet metal run

05. Conclusion 24 – Next steps


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