Release date:2018

Duration:01 h 58 m

Author:Stephen Pearson

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

About This Class In this course you will learn all about the rigid body simulation in Blender. The rigid body simulation allows you to add physics to your object. Once it is activated it will fall due to gravity. In the first couple sections we will be going through each setting and how the different values effect the simulation. I will be showing you what it does and why. At the end of the course there are 3 different tutorials in which we use the rigid body simulation to create a full scene.

The first one is a wallpaper of hundreds of cubes falling. We will be using a couple of techniques that will make it really easy to create. The second tutorial is and obstacle course for a sphere to go through. In this one use the rigid body constraints to move the sphere up and down.

Finally the last tutorial will be a monkey head crashing through a brick wall. For this tutorial we use the cell fracture addon to destroy the wall. From there we animate the monkey head and have it fly through the wall. From rigid body dynamics to rigid body constraints learn all there is to know about the Rigid Body Simulation in Blender!

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 1:51

2. Blender Basics 8:17

3. Rigid Body Basics P1 5:32

4. Rigid Body Basics P2 5:25

5. Collision Groups 0:56

6. Rigid Body Dynamics 3:46

7. Rigid Body Constraints 5:34

8. More Rigid Body Constraints 4:44

9. Even More Rigid Body Constraints 6:13

10. Rigid Body World 3:40

11. Falling Cubes Tutorial 7:48

12. Sphere Obstactle Course P1 12:33

13. Sphere Obstactle Course P2 9:42

14. Sphere Obstactle Course P3 5:21

15. Sphere Obstactle Course P4 7:25

16. Sphere Obstactle Course P5 3:38

17. Crashing Through Wall PI 11:33

18. Crashing Through Wall P2 12:29

19. Crashing Through Wall P3 1:44

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